The Spell Casting Candle Color Frequencies You Need To Know About

Knowing the spell casting candle color frequencies can help you to manifest much better results. Color truly adds beauty to our world, but did you know that they are used in magick? In my years of study and practice I have noticed that a lot of people use colors based on vernacular or cultural associations. 

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However, colors also have their own vibrational frequencies and wavelengths which you can use to better manifest results from your spell-work. 

What exactly do I mean by “frequencies”? All of the colors on the visual spectrum – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet in this order – are measured by frequency in terahertz, while the unit for wavelength is nanometres. 

While reading this article, you are able to see the colors on the webpage, or even around you in the room. All of that falls between a wavelength range of roughly 390-700 nanometres worth of color that you can perceive. The equivalent to this in frequency is 430-770 Terahertz. Anything we are unable to naturally perceive is considered ultraviolet (higher frequency) or infrared (lower frequency). If you look at a chart of all the colors in order, you will notice that the numbers for wavelength and frequency have odd quantities in comparison. That is because wavelengths that travel faster have lower frequencies. This has been linked to the rate at which something will manifest in the physical world. Then, we have two shades called white and black. White is actually a mixture of all the colors in the visual spectrum, and it is the highest vibrational frequency possible for color. As for black, it is an absence of light, and the opposite when it comes to vibration as it is the lowest possible vibration in a color present in our known world. 

All science jargon aside, let’s get into the spell casting candle color frequencies and how you can use them wisely.

How To Focus On The Best Spell Casting Candle Color Frequencies

Spell Casting Candle Color Frequencies 

  • Black is the absolute lowest vibrational shade imaginable, but it is not a part of the visual spectrum. It is a complete absence of light; rather, it absorbs both that and energy. Black is good to use for a variety of purposes, especially “pulling in” or attracting because of its absorbing qualities. I have seen too many people associate it with protection and banishing, but in all honesty, I cannot for the life of me understand why because black is an absorber and thus counterintuitive to these two specific intentions. Black is also good for matters involving karma, divination, stability, binding, and cycles.

  • Red is the lowest vibration on the visible spectrum, measuring between 700-635nm with a frequency of 430-480THz. It is one of the primary colors. This being said, red is a great color to help manifestation of your desires. In fact, I consider it a catalyst that brings faster results. The spell casting candle color frequencies of red are associated with health, life force, action, courage, good fortune, sex, lust, and passion, and can be used in these workings. 
  • Next comes orange, between 635-590nm with a frequency of 480-510THz. It is a mixture of primary colors red and yellow. The spell casting candle color frequencies of orange work well for creativity, luck, good fortune, business success, selling properties, alertness, legal matters, overcoming obstacles and sealing spells.
  • Yellow is the third color on the visible spectrum, measuring 590-560nm with a frequency of 510-540THz. It is a primary color. A very happy color to most people, it is used for concentration, intellect, study, and increasing happiness, of course.

  • Green is the middle man of the color spectrum with 560-520nm and a frequency of 510-540THz. It is a combination of yellow and blue, two primary colors. Green is quite popular, as it draws in money, prosperity, good luck, fortune, love, luxury, fertility, and influences involving gardening, healing, creativity, art, and beauty.

  • Blue, a primary color, measures 490-450nm and has a frequency that is about 610-670THz. A calming color, blue is used in workings revolving around intuition, wisdom, mental health, healing, higher positions, peace and truth.

  • Our last color in the visual spectrum, violet/purple, is the highest vibrational color, measuring 450-400nm with a frequency of 670-750THz. Violet, or purple, is used in workings of spirituality, religion, influence, psychic development, divination, meditation, secrets, and intuition. This color is also great for helping terminal illnesses, but a brief disclaimer, do not ignore the advice or treatment options of a licensed medical professional. 

  • White is not actually a part of the visual spectrum, but is actually a mixture of all the spell casting candle color frequencies. Considered an all-purpose color, white is great to use in anything or even as a substitute. It is most powerfully used in initiations, consecration, blessings, marriage, divinity, and enlightenment. 

Going further, white and black are not technically colors, but I still added them to this list because in general, they are staples in many magickal practices. All in all, I hope that you learned a thing or two about the spell casting candle color frequencies. Keep in mind also that these not only apply to candle colors, but colors on bags, cords, fabrics, and more! Do not limit yourself to one method of madness!

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