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Many psychic intuitions...

by Ben
(United Kingdom)

It all started probably back about 6 months ago (maybe a little less) when I was watching a psychic channel on TV, it seemed interesting and after about an hour of watching it I started to ponder if they are in to make money (as in the premium rate numbers for calling the psychics). They had psychics in the studio as well answering text messages and the way they answered seemed so valid and accurate, it seemed real.

So I decided to do a little research on psychic abilities online over a couple of days and the validation and my belief in psychic abilities grew, and I kept looking around various sites over the few weeks. I did speak to a few people about it as well as a teaching assistant in school but when a teacher asked me what I was doing the teaching assistance said to the teacher "he's researching on psychic abilities" and it seemed like the teacher found it bizarre or funny, I'm not sure but I didn't feel comfortable with him saying, it felt a little embarrassing, or I didn't want them to think I'm stupid or anything - but it didn't stop me researching further.

I've had a lot of problems at the start seeing if I could get intuitions but I've had little ones, with my mother, some of my School friends online, etc.

One was where I was walking the dog with my mum and I quickly said "mum, think of something completely random, anything at all" she said, "go on then" and some toast came in my head, I think just seconds before she said that. I said, "toast" and she said, "yea mate, omg" and we both laughed as it was quite weird, it came out of nowhere. I described the toast as like a little but of butter, like melted on warm toast.

Another was with my friend online I said "I'm gonna try and read your mind" (as she was the one that didn't find the whole thing weird, if I said this to others they'd think I'm crazy - to no surprise really? And about 30 seconds later some word came in my head, just like a flash - pretty quickly, no colour or anything but I could like see it without any colour or representation if that makes sense. I said, "omg this word came in my head," so I asked if she said that and she said, "yeah my friend asked how I was".

It has happened again with a different friend too.

Going onto something else, I wanted to try again with someone else, a different friend and 5 minutes down the conversation I saw ginger hair so I said, "you might have a boyfriend with ginger hair", the two girls I was talking to found it quite funny so I kind of dismissed it (as in, forgot about it) but a few weeks later my friend said, "oh remember when you said -soandso- would have a boyfriend with ginger hair? She has!" and that was shocking - I got it confirmed with the friend in question and I was pleasantly surprised.

Apart from this I've had many others with other friends online and whenever I see like "flashes" it seems like its always in the top right corner of my mind (if that makes sense?)

I know I have psychic potential and I will be progressing further - all this has happened, and it is a best gift you can get. I know I have great potential, its amazing.

Just thought I'd share these amazing experiences with you all :).


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Dec 28, 2008
by: Anonymous

You have an advanced intuition and you may keep improving it. ;D

Sep 27, 2008
Very Interesting!
by: Anonymous

Very interesting information.

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