Mark Star aka Doctor Midnight

by Mark Star
(New Orleans, LA, USA)

Doctor Midnight

Doctor Midnight

Gifted Independent Psychic Mark Star a.k.a. Doctor Midnight, 33 years experience in New Orleans, is here to give Accurate Telephone Readings on Love & Romance, Money & Finance, Career, Pet Readings, more.

Spells to Bring Back Lovers, Stop Divorce, Love Drawing, Breakup Wrong Couples, Get A Marriage Proposal, Law & Judgment Favor, Better Health, Lose Weight, Casino Luck, Better Job, many more.

My abilities:

Clairvoyance - Perception outside the known human senses.

Precognition - Perception of future events before they happen.

Remote viewing - Gathering of information at a distance.

Telepathy - Transfer of thoughts or emotions, especially knowing another person's thoughts.

My clients are world-wide (USA, Canada, Israel, UK, Australia, India, other). They include celebrities, actors & actresses, models, public servants, doctors, attorneys, teachers, accountants, famous people, housewives, professionals, gay / alternative lifestyle. All are accepted, appreciated and welcome. Call me for a clear, deep, focused reading. I am a professional psychic and spiritual worker. When you call, you get 100% of my focus and attention on your Reading.
I am a degreed, tested, experienced professional.

You will get clear, clean, concise predictions from me. No lies or gimmicks. I am a gifted, genuine psychic and want to help you be successful in life! Call now for an authentic, live reading, just like you'd get in my New Orleans' shop! Email me about Hoodoo spells & custom rituals that work.

Questions answered include activities of lovers, their thoughts, desires and pursuits. For example:
When will I meet someone?
When will my lover return?
Are they seeing someone else?
Is my loved one cheating on me?
Does he or she love me?

Doctor Midnight's Most Popular Hoodoo Spells
I perform ceremonial rituals for casting spells to bring about your hearts desires.

Curse and Jinx Removals

Better Finances

Weight Loss

Stop Divorce

Drive Away Enemies

Road Opener

Better Health

Career Success


Lisa - 11/25/10
I guess you could call me a "psychic whore" lol b/c I'm such a control freak, that I JUST NEED TO KNOW what's going to happen in my life. As a result, I've talked to MANY psychics. Some I've found to be accurate, and others not so much. Mark is amazingly accurate. He told me that the guy I was dating was seeing someone else even before the guy told me. He doesn't pull any punches...he tells it like it is. Just the kind of reader I like...he's not one to tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He's told me things that he would have no way of knowing (and he couldn't have guessed) if he didn't have psychic abilities. He's been accurate in his past predictions, so I'm hopeful that his current predictions will be accurate, too :) Just love this man!

Terry - 11/24/10
I would like to publicly thank Mark for helping me in a situation I truly thought was hopeless. I know what he does, he does for a living, but It's hard not to think of him as a new found friend. In a business that is over run with people that are looking to take advantage of someone who is brokenhearted and desperate, Mark is someone who is true to his word. He's the real deal folks. Thank you again, mark. - Terry

RachelRae - 11/22/10
Dr. Midnight, there are no words to express what joy and assurance you're brought to me & myson. From the very first reading all information has been very clear concise. Keeping commitments and standing side by side with me during this time has been a true blessing. Give very specific time frames and ensuring there are no questions has made me feel so safe with your work. I can't wait until all done :-). You are a true blessing to everyone those near and far. Best regards, Rachel Rae & Family

Doctor Midnight can be reached at his personal email address:

Call him at: (641) 715-3900
Extension: 286 689 #


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Nov 11, 2016
How to get ahold of Dr. Starr
by: Anonymous

I had a hard time finding Mark. He is at I called him on His rates are about half what they were on the commercial sites now.

Jan 08, 2013
Clairvoyant Readings by Mark Star
by: Bonnie Jenkins

I have been calling Mark Star for years. He goes by Dr. Midnight. He has accurately gave me predictions with time frames over and over. I'm so pleased to have him guide me. His website is

Jun 04, 2012
New Website for Doctor Midnight
by: Anonymous

May 01, 2012
This Doctor Midnight
by: Nancy Hoffman

I have been calling Mark Star since 2008, almost 4 years now. This Doctor Midnight, as he is called, has always given me my current situation and explained why I was going through the trial at hand. Then, he tells me how to turn the bad situation into something good. Any time I have asked him about a time frame, Mark has always been honest. Best of all, he has done two spells for me and they worked exactly as described. One was for my ex to leave me alone. My ex-husband was always trying to be involved in my business. He had a new girlfriend but still was calling ask about my bills, plans, job, etc. Mr. Mark cast the spell and he finally disappeared a week later. The next spell with to find a suitable boyfriend. I had been meeting losers and was getting depressed with all the meetups that were not going anywhere. The spell was nothing short of amazing. Less than two weeks later I had two professionals ask me out, including a manager at an old job, and my new neighbor down the street. I highly recommend Mark Star for readings and spell work.

Jul 30, 2011
Best Spellcaster Ever
by: Mother Lover

Mark Star cast a spell called Return To Me just 2 months ago. Since then, my ex broke up with his girlfriend and started dating me again. I know Mark Star's work is the real thing! Thank you Mark Star for all you did for me. Sincerely, Dawn

Jan 15, 2011
Thank you
by: Gayle 1961

Mark is absolutely the best. He doesn't waste your time or your money and if he really doesn't see something, he won't tell you he does! He has been professional and kind, consistent in his predictions. I am waiting for them to unfold.

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