Medium Transitions

by Valerie Henson

I believe, a medium gives EVIDENCE of life hereafter. You must strive to make your readings specific not vague, for instance, saying your grandmother is coming through and gathering information based on either a callers voice, or asking questions to gain information, is not a medium reading. A medium reading is not always going to be 100% but there must be at least some info specific to the caller that only you and the caller could know. A name perhaps, a piece of jewellery, a physical attribute etc. Generalized statements are not my style. Such as a fact that can pertain to almost anyone. I have to admit; I have seen and met a few great mediums in my time. Thanks goodness! They give us hope, they let us know, that there are really honest truthful mediums out there. They really know their stuff, and they are extremely gifted. Hats off to them! I have recently started my own show on blog talk radio, showing evidence, of medium abilities on my own part. So, if you would like to share your loved ones with me, so I can give some messages from beyond, I welcome your call.

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