Mediumship - Tarot - Clairaudience

by Rona
(England UK)

Peace calm and healing

Peace calm and healing

Mediumship is for me something I have used naturally for most of my adult life, I see pictures on a clear blank screen in my mind’s eye (some call it the third eye). Often when reading for clients I link at first with their everyday world though the Tarot, I have been a tarot/medium reader for some time as I find the cards relax the querant, and this allows me deeper access to their pathway and life choices ahead of them for the next 12 months. I am clairaudient as well which means I hear the thoughts, of spirit (a bit like the everyday person hears the thoughts and words of the people in a good novel or book they are reading). I work from 19.00 - 23.00 most weekdays and weekends, on my own live premium line which costs .75ppm - in other words £15.00 for a full 20 minutes reading. You can call me on 09067590017 if people would rather arrange a different time they can email me at to arrange a suitable time for themselves, or alternatively if an email reading is required I can answer 5 questions for £15.00 or 3 questions for £10.00. Payments by PayPal

Anyway that’s a little insight into how I work and continue to work to this day, I have many clients locally who return to me again and again for advice and guidance on their paths, remembering that spirit won`t tell us what to do, they will guide us, it’s up to us what we do with the information. I particularly enjoy reading for skeptics; they soon realize the authenticity of my readings.

Love and light

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Dec 10, 2010
by: Teresa

I agree with you Rona. There is a definite difference between being just a medium and being clairaudient. I also consider myself to be clairaudient and I am grateful for this in my profession. You can view my website here:

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