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Mount Shasta Mysteries

The list of Mount Shasta Mysteries includes Vortexes, Enlightened Beings, Lemurian gateways and dimensional portals to Agharta.

Mount Shasta, CA, is a sweet spot. As one of Earth’s seven sacred mountains and the earthly representation of our root chakra, Mount Shasta is ‘rooted’ in the mystic. She is a keeper of ancient secrets, such as the survivors of the lost continent Lemuria, portals to higher dimensions and hidden entrances to the Kingdom of Agharta. It is said that the Agharthean city of Telos exists within and beneath this mystic mountain.

It is widely reported Mount Shasta is calling her ‘people’ home… people who lived their first incarnation on Earth within her domain. Could this be validated by the numbers of people who felt they must come to the mountain, but didn’t know why?

Mount Shasta Mysteries – Ancestor Energy

Mount Shasta is the namesake of the Shastan Indians, who have long inhabited the sacred mountain.

Back in the day, medicine men or women were trained or undertook vision quests at specific sites on the mountain. However, only medicine men or women dared to climb up past the tree line. Not only was the energy too powerful for the ordinary person to withstand, they believed that malevolent spirits roamed on top of the mountain.

Old Indian legends have it the mountain is home to Creator. Even in contemporary times, Native Americans believe Mount Shasta a portal to higher dimensions.

Studying ancient spirituality and peoples is an essential aspect of your Ascension.

Mount Shasta's Mysteries

Mount Shasta Mysteries – Powerful Vortex Energy

Scientists, who have measured Mount Shasta with state-of-the-art instrumentation, call it a chief energy point on the earth’s power grid. This is due to vortex energy, spiraling from the ground up.

Even Muggles report experiencing sensations of interminable energy.

This is the type energy that heals body, mind and spirit, triggers metaphysical growth and fosters psychic development.

Mount Shasta Mysteries – Sightings of Enlightened Beings

Tons of visitors to Mount Shasta have reported chance meetings with enlightened beings, who are thought to be ancients that dwell inside the mountain. Quite possibly, these intelligent beings are descendants of the lost continents of Atlantis and/or Lemuria.

File it under ‘believe it or not’, if you please, but multitudes of people have contributed their stories to support possibilities of seven-feet tall survivors of Lemuria living deep inside this mystic mountain. Researchers have interviewed people claiming to be inhabitants from the underground city of Telos.

Talk about a DOUBLE WOW…Creatively visualize yourself on Mount Shasta, meditating, deep thinking or simply walking in ancestor footsteps. What would you do if you encountered and could communicate with one of these superior beings? Can you begin to imagine the giant leaps your consciousness would make along your path to Ascension? 

Spiritual Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta Mysteries – Guided Vision Quests

Going off on your on for 3-4 days on Mount Shasta is not the best idea you ever had. But, taking your vision quest, a la Native American style is a brilliant idea. You too can ‘cry out for a vision’, but under the safety of a seasoned guide. The vision quest tremendously accelerates your psychic and/or metaphysical growth.

Your vision quest is an outstanding tool for finding answers to those “Who am I and what is my purpose here” type questions. Because when you lament, Great Spirit will answer your call.  

A big benefit of the guided Vision Quest is that your guide will help you interpret any insights you gleaned, as well as counsel with you about applying any inspirations you received into your everyday life.

Final Word

There is a common contention that Mount Shasta only makes herself known to those who are pure of heart and honor our planet. Locals say the mountain gets in your face. More than that, she will get into your business. Just talk to locals who answered her call and now call Mount Shasta their home!

Your Mount Shasta Mysteries

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