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Multi-Gifted in a Conservative Area

by Olivia
(California, USA)

My name's Olivia, and I'm fifteen. My journey first began when I was about five, because I had a dream that I remember so well that I think contributed to re-awakening my psychic abilities in this lifetime.

The dream was that I was flying above my neighborhood as a wispy ball of light, and not seeing anything through eyes but through the mind, through pure consciousness. It was so light and free-flowing, and very amazing. So since then, I've been very sensitive.

My sensitivity picked up when I was about seven, as I started seeing peoples auras. At first I had no idea what it meant or what it was called, but everything was very colorful. I didn't tell anyone about it because I thought everyone had it and I didn't want to look dumb pointing out the obvious. My favorite time of day was actually night, when everything was just one shade: black.

When I was ten I started "hearing" voices and conversations of people that weren't there. I wasn't sure who it was (and at the moment I still can't tell if they're my spirit guides, angels, or just spirits), and that made it a bit hard for me to sleep. Still, I didn't tell anyone.

Moving onto when I was twelve, I had been going through puberty & stuff, but this was way more. Little did I know, I was becoming an empath. My feelings were out of wack, I couldn't stay "grounded" and a lot of the time I just stayed in isolation to attempt to regain myself. My parents said "it's just regular teenage stuff, feeling really emotional."

But I knew it wasn't. It was 10 times worse. I didn't know how to protect myself.

That's when I decided to tell my Mom everything. In the process of that, I looked up these things I was feeling and experiencing, and learned all about psychic abilities and a ton of other occult/new age stuff. I immersed myself in it because I KNEW I could relate on so many levels. I had no idea there were things to call these experiences I had. "Psychic", "indigo", etc. I then learned to psychic-shield myself and that helped a LOT.

So since then, I've grown psychically and I know a ton more than I used to. I'm definitely a new-ager, I know a lot about myself. :)

As for actually "seeing" spirits, that's only happened twice. I see shadows and outlines though.

Those are my experiences in a nutshell. Of course I've had a great number more, since then. My family is agnostic so they don't mind about any of the stuff I do. However, I do wish they'd pay some attention to it. I live in the bible-belt and don't have many close friends to tell this stuff with.

I tried out for the show "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal", and I almost got in, except that they were nearly done filming the season and if they were in the California area then they would have included me.

I'm really interested in all things occult/new age/paranormal/wiccan :) And through all the "gift/curse" aspect of being an Indigo or a psychic (or both), I wouldn't change a thing because I love who I am, abilities included.

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Feb 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

Recently two years ago I began to see auras myself, and for awaile I had just been fasinated with all the colors. I've also always been an empath, a death seer(one who can tell when one is about to die two weeks before hand) and several other small clairvoyant and clairaudient type things. Ever since I was little I have been in love with magick, psychics, and the occult. This is bad since my family hates magick and are conservative christains whom I can never tell about this stuff. Trust me I've tried, and well they banned me from reading supernatural based books and kicked me out of the house once and I've 'ran' away several times because of it. Nowadays I sneak read my books and never tell them anything. Though recently I had a vision of my aunt getting into a wreck a week ago so I told her to not drive her truck which she said the tires were messed up. Which the vision makes sense since I seen her truck spin out of control as she hit a railing with her truck-broke it and ran into a lake or rather a pond(it was a bit small to be a lake and there arn't too many lakes in pennslyvania). Now I just hope that vision comes true. I never told her why I just hope she listens.


Apr 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

me, I dont see auras but i see the dead all the time. i had an out-of-body-expirience when i was 4. i can sense (like guess) what the future is going to be and almost alwest get it right.) i can hear peoples thoughts sometimes and have visions on how ghost/spirits have died. ive had lucid dreaming 2 or 3 times. But my sight is my big part. and it wierd tho, ive only heard voice from people that arnt there only a few time even tho i see/feel/smell them all the time- either like any other person or a solid color filled out line of a person( black, white, green, red ect.) im 13 know soon to be 14. i always knew there were ghost around but dint see my first ghost till i my family moved to the country when i was 11. i still remember growing up and i would be all alone in my room with the radio on coloring when suddenly the volume on the radio (the nob) would go all the way to 0 even tho it was still on. even the dish washer that would turn it self on infront of my eyes. ive even seen the grim reaper several times. the first time staring at me from the corner of my bed late a night when i was having trouble slepping, number 2 i saw him several times that day walking arround my house. at least i think it was him/her. the description fits that of what ive found online on many sites. just a bit taller then my door frame. no face just white. long black dressish with the hood pulled up and he held a long stick with a nife of the end. I just felt like sharring this with someone in the same boat i guess...

May 07, 2009
by: Goldeneyes


When my daughter was about 9 or 10, we were driving and she said to me "There was this kid on the bus and he is so gross and just icky, but he has the prettest blue color around him that I have ever seen!" I looked at her and asked her what she meant about the color around him? She said "you know the color that you see when you look at someone, the color that is around them!" I said "you see Aura's?" She had no idea that everyone did not see "colors around people". Although I was very open with her and explained that not everyone seen that and it was a gift, if scared her a little, but over the next couple of years she would tell me about the color she would see off of someone....When sh got to be a teenager it started freaking her out and she did not want anyone to know that she was "different", she eventually told me she did not see them and that she thought it was her glasses or she would make other excuses and say she did not want to talk about it...She is now 18 and called me the other day and said "the woman that works with grandma has got the biggest gold aura I have ever seen!" I said "do you still see Aura's? She said "mom, I've always seen them it just scared me....But I think I am going to learn more about it!"
I know she has heard and seen things..I believe this is something that runs in our family, I have heard voices since I was a young girl, I've had dream that have come true and in the past 5 years have actually seen a spirit, that vanished right before my eyes...

Apr 18, 2009
You Sound Like A Really Grounded Teen
by: Elaine S


You sound like a really grounded and mature 15 year old. It seems that your guides and angels are helping you to mature and protect yourself and your evolving abilities.

I would suggest you think about taking some courses that will help you develop further and may result in some new friends particularly other teens with abilities like yours.

A good starting place is the Berkeley, Ca. Psychic Institute. They are listed in the 510 area code. Dial 510+555-1212.

I wish you a lot of luck. I am glad you chose to incarnate at this time.

Blessings, Blessings

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