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Multiple Paranormal and Psychic Experiences

by Tracy Marken

I have quite a few experiences with the paranormal and psychic phenomena. One most vivid in my mind that I remember was being a child and remembering the day I was born. Literally, I know to some, it sounds crazy or far fetched. I remember seeing three men looking through a glass window at me. By description, I was able to tell my mom, aunt and grandmother when I was 4 years old of this event. I described what my uncle and grandfather were wearing from waist up. That's all I could see because I was lying in a little bed under the window. I do not know who the third man was. I just remember him as a tall thin blonde man. I remember the ride home from the hospital, the sun in my face, how can I remember?

I also remember seeing spirits and thinking they were real people. The saddest thing I kept remembering was my past life. I remember the flashing lights on the ambulance, as I was being loaded into it. I think I was already beginning to leave my old body at this point, because I remember feeling like I was floating and then, I saw a light, and some people who seemed familiar.
The memory of them is still in my head but I do not know right now who they were.

Then I woke in a hospital, I was small again, reborn. I know most people would chalk it off to mere delusion, but I know what I know. I have a good grip on reality, I just know there is more than the materialism of this world. Most folks do not believe in anything more that what they can see with there physical eyes. I have my spiritual eyes open.

There are allot more experiences. I went to California once, I believe in my past life, I lived in California. Upon my arrival in San Francisco, I just felt like I had been there. Then we travelled to a little rural town called Weed. I felt like I was home. I started to have memories of this place, I knew where things were, things I could not have possibly found otherwise unless I had been there.

I could see auras around people ever since I was a kid. There are just too many stories to tell. I know who my spirit guides are. I read people at a place where I used to work. I was able to see a past, present and future on these people.

One night I had a headache, I closed my eyes and I saw a fire truck and an ambulance. An hour after my vision, I saw my neighbour, three doors down, being hauled off in an ambulance, the fire department arrived first. She had a grandmal seizure.

I have predicted how many kids certain people would have, and whether they would be boys or girls. I can see spirits and sense how someone died. I had people lined up outside my cousins house that I didn’t know once. I had no idea they were coming, I read one person, and word got out,then I had all kinds of people lined up for readings. I was right about almost everything I told them, and knew none of them. I didn't accept payments or charge for my readings, I just couldn't believe it was happening.

I can also feel physical pain that other people feel. I can also read emotions, and sometimes it gets hard being around a multitude of people because, all their mixed emotions tend to get me depressed, or if I feel someone's rage, I get in a pretty crummy mood. I am open to having someone read me to prove what I am saying is true. I have had psychics tell me I was born with the gift.

I would love for someone to tell me what they think. I do apologise for trying to cram so many stories into one, but there are so many, and they are ongoing. I do not want to take up too much of someone else's time with it. I would love to hear from someone.

Thanks for your time

Sincerely, Tracy Marken

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