My Baby Is Psychic

by Ashley Stundon

I just realized something. I have been having this energy get stronger in me since I have been pregnant with my first daughter. She is my miracle baby; she was breech and was tangled in my ribs. I knew something was wrong but my doctor would just not listen to me. I had to have her by C-section it was bad. I lost a lot of blood, my blood count was down to a three a normal persons is a 14. Any person I would look at had colors around their heads. Ever since this happened I have been having dreams about me as other people being hurt even killed. I wake up and I am in pain.

My baby is now two and I do believe she is psychic and that she sees things. I know that my great-grandparents come around me; I smell them and I get this weird fussy feeling and sometimes they let me know they are around. She talks to them but when we lived in our apartment she was talking to an April and said that her hand was broken and it was gross red. My daughter is at a four year-old level. Weird things started to happen like a cup flying off the counter and hitting me in the head. But I am getting off topic. I have had paranormal things happening to me since I was nine.

My daughter has been telling me things that are coming true. All week last week she kept telling me that her uncle had a bracelet with number and letters on it, he was sick and sad. It turns out he was in the E.R. at that time! We did not know this until two days later.

Recently she told me my dad was going to show dad was there ten minutes later. He lives two hours away and he never called before he showed up.

She can tell when people are going to be sick. She has told me my mom was sick one day, that day I called and she was.

I guess I just need to know how to help her with this gift. She is only two! Also it scares me because my husband grew up in a haunted home I do not want her to be talking to anything.

A quick story about my husband’s home. His younger brother had an imaginary friend named Nobody and when he was three my mother-in-law would make a cake for Nobody (my mother-in-law makes cakes for a living) well it turns out that Nobody's birthday was on the same day for the last two years.

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