My Comatose Transcendence

by Ms. Starr
(Lewsetta, Virginia)



I have been to Heaven and spoke to God. Throughout my life I've known I was different than most people. I was a sick child, contracted Polio at six months from the vaccine. It was hard and I can count five times that I have passed over and been brought back. Twice I was told I had to go back, that it was God's will and I had to tell my story to the world.

I started seeing spirits very young, and couldn't understand why I could see them and hear them and no one else could. When I was at my sickest they were there to protect me. Just over a year ago was the first time I went to heaven. First let me say, it happened without warning. As I said I have been sick most of my life. Shortly after Christmas 2011 I fell and broke my ankle and foot. I needed emergency surgery, and that in its self is a story.

Anyway I was in my recovery and was about to be released to go back to work. The weekend before I was sick, I was suffering with a headache, vomiting and dizziness. The last thing I remember of that night was speaking to my son at midnight. He had come in after being out with friends. We said goodnight and off to bed. I don't remember going to sleep. The next morning my husband noticed I was not awake yet and thought I was sleeping late. He asked my son to check on me and he noticed my breathing and yelled for my husband to come. They tried to wake me and they called 911.

The emergency responders tried to wake me. I was not breathing and they took me to the hospital. Once I was there they had to do an emergency tracheotomy. I was put on ventilator and told my family I was in pulmonary arrest. My organs were shutting down and I was in a coma. I was in a coma for three days.

It was in those three days I visited my Grandmothers in heaven. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. My Grandmothers told me to go back and tell my story, this is God's plan. I begged to stay and they opened a door and I could see myself in the hospital bed on life support. They said, “It’s God's will." And with that they pushed. The next thing I hear is my mother saying, “She’s awake" I couldn't see very well and I drifted for the next week.

When I was able I told my Mom and the family about the Comatose Transcendence I had experienced. While I spent the next two months in the hospital, my life had changed overnight!

It has been hard. I pray each night and God always answers my prayer.

Ms Starr

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