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My Friend of 20 Years Long Ago

by Cathy
(Florida, United States)

Me.  I am legally blind and have MS

Me. I am legally blind and have MS

I had a childhood friend when I was about 15 years of age and spent a lot of summers and school holidays with her just doing things we enjoyed, but all through Junior High School and High school, as we were 3 years apart, we lost contact with one another. I enjoyed her family and had dinner with them a lot over the course of years and became familiar with her family. I knew one thing about her and that is she loved her father very much.

It had been 20 years since I had seen or actually thought about her, to be totally honest as much to what I can remember, since I lost track of her and had developed new friends and was busy with my family and my career.

Soon, I began having a repetitive dream. This dream was different. On occasion it would have her brother in it, and then it started having her father in it, and it was something as if her father, me, and my friend was going down a stairs and then going up stairs trying to show us something. I thought I would never stop dreaming this dream over and over again. Soon, I would tell my mother about this repetitive dream. She was surprised and so was I, when she mentioned my friend's father was just in the obituary. He had died, and I suppose he may have been using me to contact his daughter, my friend to convey something to her, but I didn't know anything about psychic readings at the time and symbolisation of what her father was trying to get across.

I did call my friend and tell her about the dreams. She really did not act so impressed, as a lot of people out there don't believe. Anyway, if someone is interested in this story, I have more where that comes from, but I have not trained my psychic powers but have started to listen to the suggestions, as I have been told that I have the gift, and I am very sensitive, seeing, hearing, and feeling presence or something or someone all the times.

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Jan 19, 2012
I'm not the only one
by: Anonymous

I don't how to say this about some time I predic things,in my dreams about.3 year ago in 2009 my granpap pass away. I had a dream one year before he pass away, I never thought the he well live us fiew months later in. 2009 I was at school with my boyfriend he said to me what was wrong with me I told that I felt really sad that something is going to happed and I don't know what? After I got home late the night I want to bed. The phone range I answer phone one. Of my ant call from mexico told me to pass the phone to mom. Right away I new that the feeling that I got at school it was that he was going go. This ones of my dreams predictions I have more. Im not the only one good.My granmam told me once the our soul travel and so our dreams.

Sep 12, 2010
This has happened to me also
by: Anonymous

Hi Cathy, thanks for sharing your story. I am excited because my "abilities" are all dream-based. I have a pretty decent sized list of dreams that I've had in the past 15 yrs where something would happen and I'd wake up to find out it was directly related to the dream. In one case, I dreamed my uncle was walking past me and smiled. Later that day, my aunt called and my uncle had died! I feel he was saying goodbye to me. Another time I was wandering around a grave yard trying to read the stones. And when I got up I found out that my cousin had died. It was like I knew someone died, I just didn't know who. Anyway, these dreams happen to certain people. I think they are cool, disturbing maybe, but interesting none the less.

Aug 25, 2010
Sometimes Goodbyes come in odd ways
by: Bridget

I think he was just telling you that he is going to heaven because he walked up the stairs. But he didnt want to leave you 2. He also wanted you to get in contact with your friend just because she would of possibly needed you through her time of loss. He wanted you to remember him is all. It was kinda like his way of saying goodbye. :)

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