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My Friend Thinks She Is Crazy

by Concerned Friend
(Columbia, MO. USA)

My friend is a mother of three children and recently has had a weird feeling and it hasn't passed for three weeks. She doesn't describe the feeling in detail, but I am worried about her. She says she feels like something is around her and doesn't know what it is. When she prays she sometimes hears a voice say "Make sure the kids are ok!"

Her oldest son says he is seeing things. When he was little he would just sit and talk to the air as if he was holding a conversation with someone but no one was there. Now he says that sometimes he sees red eyes outside his window at night, and says he feels like someone is going to die. She asks him who but he says someone, I don't know who.

Please let me know if there is someone who can help my friend. For the past year she has been under a lot of stress. Her ex-husband causes all kinds of problems and her three children don't ever really want to see him. But because they are all under twelve they have too. They live in Florida and I am so worried about her.

I do believe there are truly gifted individuals, blessed or in some cases seem cursed, with paranormal abilities, but I myself don't really believe strongly in the paranormal. I know it exists and I am very aware that it does, and if my friend and her son are having these feelings then I want to know how to help, or at least point her in the direction she needs to help understand these powers, and how to develop them in a healthy way, and not ignore them.

Thanks much.....

Concerned friend.......

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