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My UFO Experience

I love music. I am music. I use to have dreams of falling out of the sky. All my childhood I would dream of falling to the earth to only wake up gasping for air and terrified. I never stopped having those dreams until I got into my music. I would walk outside of my apartments with my head phones in my ears with the music on blast.

When I listened to my songs it felt like I was in another world just floating and I was safe in this huge dome filled with music. A huge invisible dome that I was a part of. I did this quite often to relieve myself of tension and emotions. I would walk for hours, it felt like just floating in the sky.

I come from Arizona where there are a lot of sightings of UFOs. One night I was extremely upset I put my music on and started walking. I did this for an hour really letting all my emotions out, only to look up and see a light in the sky.

Only it wasn't a light like an airplane. It was a huge glowing orb. It was golden and glowing. It looked like it was made out of cloud, about the size of a full grown person. It was beautiful. Only it scared me because I thought it was a UFO. So I ran behind the apartment building hoping it wouldn't see me. As I looked up I could see it had followed me. Everywhere I walked and had run it followed me in the sky. If I went right so did it. If I went left so did it. If I stopped moving it would to. If I moved it would move to. I ran and went into my apartment and went to sleep. It was a very weird thing indeed.

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