Mystic Experiences

by Hetty

I’ve had several experiences, but will try to briefly tell you about 2 of them....

My sister took her own life 9 years ago - I had only once felt her presence until recently, staying at my mum's house, I slept in my sister's old room. Just drifting off to sleep, I was woken by a moth in the room (I hate moths)... I pulled the duvet up round my ears and was just thinking that I would have to get up and open the door so the moth would follow the light onto the landing, when I felt the bottom of the duvet lifting and being pulled down. I had the duvet firmly in my hands at the time and held on first of all. Then it happened again, and the duvet physically moved down my body and was pulled out of my hands. I sat up, but wasn't scared, just sort of curious. I could feel her in the room with me and just sat for a few minutes, but then, as soon as I spoke to her, I could feel her disappear again - I never told my mother, it was the first time I had felt my sister with me since immediately after she died.....

The other time, I was lying in bed at home, half asleep, half awake, just drifting, when I felt someone come into my room. I assumed it was my 19 yr old daughter and physically felt someone sit on the edge of the bed. I tried to lift my head but couldn't move at all. I questioned what I was feeling, but as soon as I did, I felt 'someone' lean against my body as if to say, 'I'm here'. After a few moments I was able to lift my head enough to look at the head of the bed - which had turned into a mirror, and in the mirror I could see a young lad in his early 20s. At first, I thought it was my son but then realized it wasn't him, but my father as a young man. I just looked and looked (my son looks so much like him) and it was definitely my father as a young man. Once I realized it was him, the dent in the bed lifted as he stood up and I was finally able to move. Of course, when I turned around, there was no-one there.

My father died when I was 9, and I often feel him there with me, but this is the only time I have actually seen him.

All I can say is thank you for the opportunity to connect with them, and thank you for letting me know that you are truly there. This has also happened to me with close friends I have lost, also my paternal grandfather is sometimes around.....

I wish I knew how to channel this more.

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