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My Mystic Journey
of Psychic Development

The Initiations of a Psychic Junkie. How my Mystic Journey began in 1985.

It was a moment that changed my life. I was living on Magnetic Island, a tropical island in North Queensland, Australia.

I was on the ferry boat to the mainland, (Townsville) at that time a 40 minute cruise. It was hot and humid and that one summer day I sat opposite a man of the cloth. A priest in full religious regalia - black suit and glistening white dog collar. That would not normally be such an outstanding vision, but in the tropics with everyone in sweltering in shorts and t-shirts he stood out like dogs balls (as they say in these parts).

As I watched the priest and thought how hot he must be I realized he must have a very strong belief. So strong in fact that he wears this uniform proclaiming his faith.

My mystic journey began in 1985My mystic journey began in 1985

My first thoughts came to me like this. “What if he is wrong? What if there is no God or great power, what a waste of his life and effort if there is nothing really there. Then the second though hit me. What if he is right? What a waste of MY life if there is a great power or a God.

I had breezed through life not really thinking about it one way or another. Until NOW!

I remember exactly what I thought and did in those next few minutes. I looked up to the skies and thought very loudly inside my mind. “If there is a God or Great Spirit of some kind, you have to have intelligence and a knowing. Don’t just stay out there hidden away. If you are there come and tell me, make some sort of contact that I can understand, and make it something real and tangible.

That was the turning point in my life. The ferry berthed to the wharf and as I disembarked (from that life as I knew it) I was to begin a most amazing journey of psychic development - a spiritual adventure - that continues to this day and beyond.

My Mystic Journey Continues

My Mystic Journey of Initiations . . . 

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PS: If you pass through Townsville (Queensland Australia) be sure to visit the shop I started way back in 1986. Ancient Wisdom Bookshop is in an arcade in Flinders Mall. And say hello to William from me. EDIT (Sadly after almost 30 years of trading William has now closed the shop) 

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