Night Terrors

by Lorraine
(Liverpool UK)

It started from a young age. I would know when it was going to happen, for I would feel a pin prick, almost like a needle going into my toe, just as I was about to go to sleep. Then it would start sometimes I would feel I was dragged from my body, I would be floating in the ceiling looking at my younger sister in her bed.

I always felt an uneasy presence was with me. I would repeat the Lord ’s Prayer over and over, as I would be dragged around the room. The things that I saw were not of this world and I can only describe them as goblins and ghouls, monsters and things really scary.

Sometimes they would pull the covers off my bed or I would feel I was being suffocated. I learnt to fight over the years. I learnt how to wake myself from these experiences. Sometimes shocking and pulling ectoplasm out of my mouth. I banish most of what appears into mirrors, always with the help of the Lord’s Prayer. I’m not afraid any more. As I've learnt to deal with it. So now seeing dead people is not so scary.

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