Nightime Horrors, Please Comment

by Trent Baugh
(Crosby Texas, U.S)

Well I’m not psychic if you’re wondering, but some weird things started happening to me when I was around 13, (now I’m twenty). One time I came home late from my friend’s house and I got a cover out of my sister's room and sat on the couch. I know for sure I shut the door to her room because I used to get afraid when I was alone and I’d get weird feelings.

So I was watching TV lying down and I heard the door to her room open (it sounded like the knob had been turned slightly just to open it. If it was open it would not have made a noise like it did). Well I looked from the corner of my eye and the door slowly opened, I freaked out and laid there for a while with the cover over my face. Then I got up, turned the lights on and ran out of the house. This was the house where I had the first of many night horrors (technically sleeping paralysis).

One night I was lying on my back asleep and woke up to something sitting on top of me with its knees or whatever in between my arms and body. A shadowy figure with almost faded white eyes was holding me down and I started panting and almost cried. I tried to focus on going back to sleep because it started beating on my chest where my heart is and it hurt badly. Ii fell back to sleep I don’t know how, but after that I didn’t want to ever sleep again.

All together I had around ten night horrors of seeing something I believe to be a demon. It is the scariest thing I’ve ever (and will ever) experience. But since I stay with my girlfriend I don’t get the weird feelings of someone always watching me in the shadows or just standing behind me and I don’t get the dreams anymore. I just want to know if anyone has any advice or has experienced it.

And for some reason I sometimes think I can feel auras around some people, especially nice people. It’s a warm feeling. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my analyzing skill placed into emotions, who knows?

Ha, demons I think I’ve seen:
1. Long white hair and eyes like a black void, twisting its head.
2. A little demon with sharp teeth and one eye shaped like a triangle.

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Aug 02, 2012
Ghosts are Demons
by: Christian

All "ghosts" are demons. The bible says so called ghosts are familiar spirits. These can take on the form of anything or anyone. They know things about you and the one they are trying to appear to be.

When you die, you go directly into the presence of the Lord, until the judgement day. The wicked go to hades, until judgement day.

The only way to get rid of demons, is to comman them into the place that the Lord has prepared for them, in thename of Jesus Christ. Once you do that, call the Holy Spirit down to fill all the places where these demons have vacated, less they come back worse. They can no longer occupy that place. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill the place with love, joy and the peace that only he can give.

Dec 04, 2009
felt a related experience
by: Anonymous

Hello, I too felt something on my chest about 4 weeks ago, but I didn't feel the heart pain you mentioned. What I did feel was that whoever or whatever was on top of my chest that night was a small figure not quite heavy, it was a feeling of it digging on my chest. Like little kids digging in sand, that's how it felt. Whatever it was, it also felt as if it was ancient, ugly and brownish. I tried to move or talk but it wouldn't let me. I tried to pray (which I usually don't) it didn't help, I tried to say an angel mom's idea when I was a kid, it didn't work either. What worked or I think it worked was me saying...JESUS. I'm nowhere near close to being religious. Not sure if there's a connection to all of this. Uhhmm I do think about that night always and at nights I try to avoid sleeping facing up afraid that it will happen once again. Not so sure if this helps...Diana.

Nov 20, 2009
I don't feel so alone anymore!
by: Anonymous

I too have this issue and it?s nice to find other people who have the same condition that I do. I don't know if I am psychic or not but all the dreams that I remember, come true eventually! I don't know when they are going to happen but they do, what does that mean? I also get a nagging feeling to do something and if I don?t do it there is a negative consequence of some kind.

Oct 23, 2009
I had these
by: Ashley

I am 22 now I was around 18 when I had these I had them for a solid 4 months it was the worst thing I have ever experienced. I guess they are pretty common I was told that if you ever had something horrible happen to you when you were little (I did) You will experience them when everything is going right in your life. At the time my life was almost perfect.

Oct 21, 2009
night terrors
by: Anonymous

I've only had 1 night terror. I blamed it on a medication I was taking and I haven't had another one since I got rid of that stuff. However, I had a paranormal experience when I was about 12. Lately I've been watching stuff like "Ghost Hunters" and "Paranormal State". I've stopped the P.S. show because they are chasing demons and I believe that's very dangerous.

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