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Noetic Science

by Ani Kail

Before I knew I had these gifts, I was really mad at my brother for leaving me in the woods, so I wished with all my might that he would break his arm or leg, when I got home I heard a scream outside, I ran out to see what was wrong and my brother was lying in the road holding his arm, it looked like he had a second elbow, I felt really bad because I knew I had caused it or that god was mad at me for wishing he would be hurt. I realize now that, while there is a higher being, maybe not god, they gave me and many other people gifts that are special, but you have to be careful because I could have wished for him dead. Then i would be without him right now. Be careful with your gifts; be sure you only use them to affect things in a positive way.

I have recently discovered a place in California called the ION institution, it studies Noetic Science. I use what I am learning of Noetic Science, I think it is a form of being psychic. It is based on how much you use your conscious brain to make things happen. I can change stoplight colors, and affect traffic flow. I can also affect game outcomes, I am working on bigger stuff but it is very exhausting for me to do so, if I am really tired I can't do it at all. I just started being able to do this recently, probably in the last few months and I told my mom about it. She was kind of freaked out at first till she realized that I was serious and that it worked and I wasn’t making it up. She helped me find out what I’m doing since its not listed as a psychic ability. I thought I would share this info and put it out there. I think anyone can do it, it just takes good concentration. But never try it when you are angry or frustrated.

I do not see ghosts or the future very often but I have another kind of psychic ability, I am a Reiki healer. I can also affect people's auras, calming them or irritating them. I think I might absorb bad energy too, I'm not sure though because I cannot see my own aura, sometimes I can read other people's thoughts if I'm concentrating really hard.

Ani Kail

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