Not Psychic But

by Sherri

I am not psychic, I feel like I am sensitive to things. For instance when I went to an art museum there were these ancient statues. I could feel their energy. I felt really dizzy and I just wanted to leave.

Another thing is one night when I was sleeping I heard a child talking, but my husband heard it too. Then last night, something whispered in my ear. It said "Ruby is going to die." I was really scared and I knew I wasn't asleep. I could feel something in our room. I walked into the living room and it wasn't there. I am afraid to share this with a lot of people because they think I am making it up or crazy.

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Mar 28, 2012
Not psychic but
by: Lord Dark

Excellent blog, I'am happy to come across it and be able to leave helpful tips and comments.

Hi Sherri, how are you?

Firstly, you need to know 100% that everyone are naturally-born psychics. We all have the ability to sense and tap into any form of energy and vibration.

Your psychic ability must be intensified that's why you're able to sense energy and hear voices. You need not to be afraid because these are just elements that are around us all the time, it's just that we're not aware of them.

Just accept, embrace, and move on. Soon there will be more things you'll see and hear; they won't harm you if you don't allow them. Think of it as just a movie.

Lord Dark

Mar 03, 2012
You are okay
by: Art

Walking ghost are no fiction, in fact they do exist. A friend of mine showed me the picture - he took one in Scotland, when he was on vacation there. He's 26 now and he is deadly scared of those things.

Regular ghost, like in a movie - half-transparent in white robes with red eyes.
So if you have this gift, try to look for them and make sure those you see are real.

They like parks and alleys. Lots of them sit in diners.

But careful with contacting the dead - if you do, make sure you know the reason to disturb them, for they might forget why they are here and they'll switch to you...

Good luck.

Mar 03, 2012
You have nothing to worry about my dear
by: MerlinBearCub

People who are sensitive never really know what to do when these things come up. It could be that spirits are just wanting to torment you,or that just want to make themselves known. Believe you me,I have had my share of encounters with them before. If you would like more information,you can contact me directly.

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