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Nothing Like It In The Movies

by Carmen LaFugge
(New York, NY)

I was spending the night at my friend's house (skittles). Before we went to bed she was teasing me... telling me that I talk in my sleep. We finally fell asleep and that's when the dream started.

Have you ever turned the cable off of your TV. and had bad reception? The static black and white fuzz?? well that's all I saw.

But I heard voices.

A woman's voice (that I didn't recognize) said, "what's your name sweetie ?" and a little girl mumbled something like "Lindsey" and the women asked "Lindsey?" but the little girl said.. "no.." laughing, "its _________" I didn't hear what she called herself but also in the background was a guy's voice. But I couldn't hear anything he said.

THEN.... when I went to the store with my mom I stayed in the car while her and my sister went in the store. My mom accidentally left her phone and I heard the phone start ringing... it was my sister (22), she was almost boarding a plane, so she needed to hurry.

All of a sudden I hear a little girl scream (playfully) and my sister say "what's your name sweetie" with that a static charge came from my ear, it didn't hurt, but I had to hold the phone away from my ear... I could not believe what I was hearing... the same EXACT thing that I just had a dream about. My jaw dropped. I've had my dreams come true before, but nothing like people dying or tragic. Just stuff like things teachers will say in their lessons and about my sister talking to a little girl at the airport.

I don't know why these things happen to me but they do. I really want to know anything I can.

Thank you

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