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Oh Deer God

by Will

This story is strange but true, I was driving along in my car one day and was in deep thought, and wondering is there really a God out there? For quite a while I was thinking “God do you really exist?” I know, and guess a lot of people asked themselves this question. But while driving in the afternoon, I kept pondering this question “God, are you really there? Can you hear me? What is my purpose of life? What is my destination in life? Do you have a plan for me?”

Then I thought “Lord I hate to ask you this, but if you hear me could you give me some kind of sign if you’re out there?”

I no sooner asked that question, when all of a sudden my driver’s side door got hit by a deer and totally shook my car, I never I saw it coming!

So tell me, what’s the chance that a deer would hit my car at the same time I asked for a sign?

Strange but true.


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Mar 20, 2012
God DOES have a plan for you
by: jade

God Does have a plan for you...BUT at the same time that is not how God works. God is not an answering service for people asking for signs. This is not how God works. Trust me I used to do that all the time. God is every present, do you think this world would be this way if God was that simplistic? No God is way beyond your mind. WAY beyond that. Trust me. Pray and meditate to get your mind and thinking out of the way and sit silently with God and try to just sit in SILENCE with God. You must feel awful for the deer, but its all good, you probably werent paying attention and yeah probably that was also meant to be. But seriously you should totally try to be on that spiritual path. Soundds like you have a spiritual hunger and not many people have that so that is wise of you to have that.

Oct 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

the chances are good for that

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