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People In The Mist

by Robert
(West valley Utah USA)

Where I grew up Near Salt Lake City Utah, it would always get foggy on the nights around New Years Eve. One night I was dreaming of people that were forming a ring around our house and I could see them walking in and out of the fog. I awoke and found myself upstairs by the large front windows that we had. (For I was a sleepwalker back in the day) as I looked around the dimly lit house I could see light coming through the window from outside. As I looked out at the sky I saw that the cloud cover was quite thick and the moon was not visible. (We lived in a rural area with no streetlight of any kind as well.) I looked out across the lawn at this time and I could hear people talking in hushed whispers. It was quite strange as I could hear exactly what I was looking at even though I could not see anyone there.

I sat and listened for who knows how long when I heard one of the voices call my name. He asked me what I was looking at and as the words formed in my mind I felt a mind of someone else touch my mind. I found the ring of people around the house was a ring of guardians. I was told that they would always be there during the worst times. To this day I can feel spirits around me in all things that I do.

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