Psychic Back-stab

by Tzarni
(Redland City, QLD Australia)

One day I was hanging out with my friend when we found ourselves outside an abandoned house. Next thing we know, her friends from the street over rock up and we all start talking. This eventually winds up with us going onto the property even though I had a bad feeling about it. It was like something telling me - “don't you dare take one more step”, but I did not listen to these feelings which I now regret doing because by the time we were all in the back yard I knew that somebody had been watching me.

That’s when it felt like I got stabbed in the back 6 times before falling over a tree root and started seeing things. I started gasping for air and my friend ran over and gave me my asthma puffer and took me back to her house.

The funny thing was that after stepping foot on her property I seemed almost fully recovered, apart from the fact that I kept on seeing a young girl that looked a lot like me getting stabbed by her older boyfriend (which seems to be the relationship between them).

As to this day I am still scared to get involved in a relationship with anyone I like.

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