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Psychic Confusion

by Stephanie

I just found out that I am an empath, I kind of knew something was different about me. But every time I’m in a chapel, or I’m in my room alone, or just relaxing, something weird always happens.

I hear voices calling my name, I hear laughing, crying, and one time I heard someone choking. Then I felt a surge of anger, then relief when the choking stopped. Ever since I was a little girl, I was afraid of closing my eyes because every time I did, I would always see either a face or a pair of eyes staring back at me, or a room. And we blessed our house because every night at 11:34pm, all our TV’s would turn on - even unplugged! And it only happened with my door, but at 11:35, my door would rattle.

Then the next morning when I wake up, I would feel something on my leg, yet nothing was there. I’d shake it off, then no more than 5 seconds later my door would rattle again. Now, no more than a week ago, I have been seeing white beams shoot through my wall, then disappear. it happens at least once a week. The first time it happened, it shot through my wall 5 times in less than an hour.

In my whole life, I’ve had one major premonition. It was of 9/11. I was only 4 years old and I had a dream that I was a little girl killed at the bottom of the building. I also had a period of my life where I drew airplanes and skyscrapers.

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Jun 20, 2010
by: Alexa

It seems that you are really great at this sort of things.. a natural! I don't have abilities near yours I guess, but I sure know how it feels to be afraid and unsure. Don't worry anymore though, within you there is light that is waiting to be let out. Do not doubt yourself and you'll see the amazing things that you will be able to accomplish!

Before 9/11, I felt very anxious and nervous, like something bad was going to happen. I hated it! and no wonder, 9/11 is the date of my birthday and something awful did happen!
But anyway, keep it up!

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