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Psychic In April

by April
(South Dakota)

On any given day, doing any old thing, and I happen to think about Glen Wanna, a guy I was in middle school with. I think to myself "I wonder where he is now days?" because I haven’t seen him in years! I’m 19. Then BAM it’s always within one week I SEE Glen Wanna in the gas station and I haven’t seen the guy since 7th grade!

I don’t get any strange feeling when I think those random thoughts. There just random and the only thing that brings me back is when the thought happens. It’s not coincidence; I can tell you 40 other stories about it. Like one time I thought about the show Gumby I used to watch when I was 7 or so, then 2 days later I read on yahoo news that the creator of Gumby had just died! (My thoughts don’t predict death.. I don’t think?) and once I was watching the Titanic’s special feature and hearing stories from survivors (really old ladies) and one intrigued me (this was the most recent, 2 nights ago) so I look her name up on my blackberry and it turns out she died July 6th 1990! The day I did this was July 6th 2010! I just find it weird that of the 4 ladies interviewed, I chose her to research and it happened to be her 20th anniversary of her death... CRIPES.

I can go on and on with these stories! I told my sister but she just shrugs it off. All my friends tell me I have a weird mind. Believe me it’s not what I was aiming for. I hate it when I come across people that declare themselves weird and think its cool. I can also read people like an open book. Not past life stuff, just what kind of person they are in the blink of an eye!

As you can tell I’m very descriptive too. WHAT IS ALL THIS? Please help.

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Jul 21, 2010
Online Psychic Readings
by: Anonymous

I think only you can decide whether or not you think you are psychic. Start keeping a dream and vision journal, and go back to it often. You'll start to see a pattern, noe way or the other.

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