Psychic Love From Death

by Patricia

I’ve always had psychic dreams and just kind of brushed them aside, and after a while I just accepted them as I just got the opportunity to know some things before they would happen. I began to notice when I was 15 that my dreams were serious when at almost the same time my grandmother passed away in the next room I saw her face come down from the ceiling and kissed me on my forehead and said to me "I love you and goodbye my little helper". The next morning I walked out of my room to my family sitting out in the living room my father looked up at me crying and said "mom passed last night" I started sobbing and said "I know dad, she told me goodbye before she left".

For the longest time I blocked out my dreams, afraid of what or who I would see. Then then I was 24 I was engaged to my boyfriend of 3 years, and one night he was on his way back to the house when he was robbed and shot. He ran all the way home to the yard and screamed "call 911 baby, I’ve been shot!!" I ran outside and found him face down in a mud puddle, I told our roommate to call 911 then I ran to him and turned him over. By that time he couldn’t talk all he could do was look at me with this horrifying look on his face trying to breath but couldn’t. I screamed for the neighbors but by the time they came he stopped breathing.

I was devastated I prayed and prayed but there was nothing they could do for him. We never got to say goodbye, never got to say I love you, never got to say it would be alright. The next night the doctors gave me some heavy sleeping aids and I quickly drifted off sleeping at my mother’s house.

Next thing I knew I was back in our home lying on the couch with no TV on just shear silence, I felt an arm wrap around me and a kiss on my cheek, it was him!!!! He told me "Honey I love you, I will always love you. I am so sorry I couldn’t hang on trust me baby I tried but John (his brother that had passed) said it was time to go and that you will be okay. I knew I had to come back to tell you how much you meant to me, to let you know that I am okay and for us to say our goodbyes."

For the next few days he came to me and he helped me let go of the pain and embrace the love we had and even in death the love was still mutual and unbreakable.

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