Psychic Moments

by Brett

My psychic moments that really stick out amongst the rest are these. I have experienced several ghosts and afterlife presences. I have heard them, seen them, and even talked to them. As I was walking to a part of my house recently I sensed there was a deceased member of my family in the house. I heard their voice but had not seen them since they had passed over. Through their voice I saw them how they were. I went to them and they were EXACTLY like I saw.

I decided to test myself with some cards I had been just playing with. I closed my eyes (fully and not peeking) and flipped the card around. Still keeping my eyes closed I saw how the card was in my hands and flipped it to be the right side up and facing the right way. I opened my eyes knowing I HAD to be right and I was.

I have had experiences where I have seen places through my memories. I have traveled to them and looked all around seeing exactly how I believe it to be. And I sometimes see the future in my dreams and it has happened more than once. In one dream I saw a tornado coming. It was a simple message, one that came across easily, TORNADO! The very next night a tornado really did strike a nearby house (luckily not close enough to get near me).

I have also moved things without touching them (but very slightly not much to be like HOLY ^%*$!) So maybe I am a psychic. I believe strongly that I am having these psychic moments, but I am only 78% sure. I wonder when I will KNOW, or when I will follow the path to knowing this. I hope it happens very soon. BTW I have also seen angels and my deceased pets in my psychic moments.

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Sep 27, 2007
Very Impressive
by: Paul

Dear Brett,
You seem to have good reason to think you're psychic! I hope you'll study these phenonema and learn more about it. By the way, even the best psychics on record are at only 85% correct, and these phenonema seem to come and go.

Sep 27, 2007
Trust vs Proof
by: ZorbaZiv

Hi Bret,

That?s an interesting list of psychic moments. The knowing comes with trust. It?s simply a case of trusting your experiences. The more you trust the more you develop. There is never a situation of 100% proof. Like I often say, ?for those who are ready, no proof is necessary and for those who are not, no proof is possible!?

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