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Psychic Or Nut

by Opal Bell
(Indianapolis, IN)

Ok since I was one and a half years old I can remember things well. First off my mom died in 1984 and my dad put me in her coffin. After that I started seeing coffins when people were going to die and I’d smell flowers.

When I walk in a place I can see all who have died there. When I dream of coffins and smell flowers, shortly after some one dies. No one can tell me why this is right now but I would love to know why.

I see things sometimes before they happen then when it happens its like Déjà-Vu and I try to warn people. They just call me a nut. Please give me some kind of insight to what this is, tell me if it is a gift or a curse?

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Jun 26, 2010
You're Not Crazy OK?
by: mkey

Hi Opal! I can relate to you, and am not crazy, you you arent either. Many strange that happen to us, started out when we were a year or two, fear, phopias, dreaming, etc. You must remember, that you are not just a body existing, you are a soul with a spirit, and spiritual things happens to us. What I believe, is, that, at that age of innocence, your spiritual eyes were opened, by the event that took place, there is a lot of spiritual energy at the departing of a soul, and you were placed in the gateway, so you recieved, a emersion of it. Space is limited here but if you wish, am at teachfm @
God Bless

Jun 12, 2010
Not crazy
by: afraid2tell

I know what you mean ever since I was young I have had dreams about people dying. When I was young and had imaginary friends and spirits talked to me my family never believed me. I began to think I was insane. Until I was around 12 years old I dreamed about a car wreak and it came true. In that moment I realized the things I saw where real. It was really scary. I finially told my friend and when I told her about a dream before the event happened and she saw on the news that it happened a few days later she told me she believed me. That was the first person to ever believe me. There are times when I wish I was crazy because that would mean the things I see and feel aren't happening, but it is. I just have to be careful who I tell, becasue I don't want people to think I am crazy.

I just wanted you to know you're not alone. I am very sorry that you had to lose you mother. I hope that this helps you in some way.

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