Psychic Photo Reading

by Jali Wright
(Washington, DC USA)

A picture can tell an amazing story, a channeled message can tell you even more!

How it all began: Waking up Psychic

When I was a young girl, I always had a vivid imagination. I loved watching movies about super heroes. Top on the list of things to do on Saturday, was my cartoon line up of my heroes! I was so thrilled to watch them, always wanting to be special, throw a fire ball on command or even fly. However, I was constantly reminded it was only “make believe”, that it was only on TV that this existed or was it?

I remember the first time, discovering I was extraordinary, like it was yesterday. I was about 15 or so, still in the puberty phase. I had a huge sense of humor and a large amount of defiance, all part of my nature. Things inside me were starting to wake up and get noticed. I always had a heightened sense of intuition, but no one could ever really prepare me for what was about to land in my lap.

My Mom was laying in her bed, seriously on the brink of heading to the emergency room; pain was incredibly too much for her. Her mouth was swollen; face throbbing, as the tooth ache worked its self out of control. She was supposed to have picked me up from the airport that morning. I was arriving at the airport from my first trip to Europe. She really wanted to be there, knowing the stores I would have to share. But she sent a friend instead. I was forced to keep my excitement at ease, till I could rush up the stairs and great my Mom.

I rushed into her room, not fully aware of the pain she was in, bent down to give her a hug. “Ouch” she said, as she carefully guarded her mouth from, the piercing agony from me trying to give her a hug. She looked at me- sighed, wanting so much to say more. With tears in her eyes, from her pain, she glanced in my direction, jokingly said “I wish you could take the pain away.” Like I could really do that? Right? Right!

Being the jokester that I was, I leaned in, put my hand on her face and shouted, in a nice high preacher voice “You’re healed!” And just, as stunned as I was she said, “I am” If I had not been there I would have never believed it!

Since then, the journey has been amazing. Each blessing and opportunity I get to use my gifts, I quickly come to someone’s aide. I’ve had some incredible mentors and teachers who’ve added in my growth and development. I’ve learned to channel the most amazing group of Angelics, who’ve guided me even further in my meditation, gifts and journey.

By the motivation of family and friends, I’ve taken my gifts to the “street” so to speak and offer my services to all who are inclined to inquire. One of my favorite gifts is the use of insight, to include just looking at a person’s photo-dead or alive and getting channeled messages about the individual or question the person has. I channel my messages from my guides and the information flows, in a harmonious motion. The words flow into my hands as I type their response. Once the reading has stopped, so does that link. I don’t recall what I wrote, till I edit. Let me tell you, I even amaze myself, “Where did that come from?!” Also, they communicate with such a higher stream of consciousness, I am glad I have a spell checker!

Please feel free to stop by my site, ask me any questions and see what new things will be added. Thanks for letting me share my story and I look forward to sharing more!

Live, love, and laugh,


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