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Horoscope, Tarot and Psychic Pregnancy Tests

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While these ideas are fun to do, it is still recommended that you seek advice from qualified medical professionals on testing for pregnancies. But if you want to know if are pregnant, before you are far enough along to do a real pregnancy test, you may like to read on about some of these unscientific, but revealing, concepts that will predictit an answer to the burning question: “Am I Pregnant?”.

Psychic Pregnancy Tests

Using Your Own Intuition

Oftentimes you will “just know it” when pregnant. Or you will receive your own spiritual signs that a pregnancy is about to come your way. 

Intuition can prompt you before you are even late. Some of these signs may be the sudden aversion to alcohol and cigarettes (of your own - or just not wanting to be around others who are drinking and smoking). Other intuitive signs can be noticing pictures of babies, or items related to being pregnant, even though there is no logical reason for the sudden focus. 

Horoscope, Tarot and Psychic Pregnancy Tests

You can ask your intuition to give you a spiritual signal of pregnancy.

  • Do a meditation, pick an unusual sign to represent a positive pregnancy. Say to yourself “In the next 24 hours show me a bright green poster if I am pregnant” Or say, “let me see a pink elephant in the next 24 hours if I am pregnant”  You get the idea, just make it something a little unusual. 

You can ask a real psychic.

If you want to ask a real psychic the question “Am I pregnant?” you should look for a psychic with fertility expertise. A psychic medium may easily know if another spirit is about to enter Earth under your parenthood.

Some psychic pregnancy test questions you may like to ask are: 

  • “How many babies do you see for me?” (If you have two children and the psychics see three that would be a good indication)
  • “Will I have a boy or girl?”
  • “What steps can I take to help bring about a good pregnancy?”
  • "Am I pregnant?"
  • “Do I have signs of motherhood?”

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Pregnancy Horoscopes

What are Horoscope Pregnancy Predictions?

Simply by keeping an eye on your starsign's free online horoscopes you may be able to pick up indications of a pregnancy. This can be entertaining, and time consuming, but it is not really that reliable. How many people do you know with the same star sign? Are you all getting pregnant at the same time? I don’t think so!

Personal Pregnancy Horoscopes

Using your date of birth, place of birth, and the time you were born, a good astrologer can to make a chart specifically for highlighting your forthcoming pregnancies. You can either order a chart online and read the report, or if you use online chat or a phone to talk with your astrologer, you get to ask questions as well.  

Pregnancy Tarot Predictions

Do It Yourself Tarot Predictions For Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy Tarot Card Spread

A simple 3 Card Spread can be all you need. While shuffling the cards hold the “Am I Pregnant?” question in your mind. Lay the three cards in a row left to right 1 2 3.

  1. = Past 
  2. = Present 
  3. = Future

If you are reading traditional tarot card meanings just take note of the meanings and see how they relate to your question.

Or if you are clairvoyantly reading the tarot (as I do) you just turn up the cards and see what jumps out at you. You should get a little story about your past, present and future situation regarding your “Am I Pregnant?” question. 

  • Which Tarot Cards Announce Pregnancy?

Tarot cards representing pregnancy will vary from deck to deck, but as a quick guide these are the top ones based on the Rider Waite Deck.

Major Arcana

  • 0 The Fool can represent new beginnings.
  • III The Empress can represent motherhood.
  • IV The Emperor can represent fatherhood.
  • X Wheel of Fortune can mean luck, change and expansion.
  • XV The Devil can mean attachment and commitment. (unwanted pregnancy?)
  • XIX The Sun can mean playfulness.
  • XXI The World can mean wholeness.

Minor Arcana

  • Ace of Wands can mean birth.
  • Four of Wands can mean results and rewards.
  • Ten of Wands can mean responsibility and burden. (unwanted pregnancy?)
  • Page of Wands can mean new identity and boy.
  • Ace of Wands can mean new love.
  • Six of Cups can mean childhood.
  • Nine of Cups can mean wish manifested.
  • Ten of Cups can mean happy family.
  • Page of Cups can mean new love and boy.
  • Queen of Cups can mean motherhood.
  • King of Cups can mean fatherhood.
  • (Ace of Pentacles can mean fertile but not yet pregnant)
  • (Queen of Pentacles can mean fertile mother) 
  • (King of Pentacles can mean fertile father)

A good example of a 3 card spread revealing pregnancy:

VI The Lovers meaning a loving union and sex.

Card 1 The Past 

VI The Lovers meaning a loving union and sex.

0 The Fool meaning new beginnings.

Card 2 The Present

0 The Fool meaning new beginnings.

Ten of Cups meaning happy family.

Card 3 The Future 

Ten of Cups meaning happy family.

Comments About Psychic Pregnancy Tests

My Own Psychic Pregnancy Test - by Bren (Florida USA)

I haven't tried my psychic pregnancy test over the phone yet. I've always done this in person. I can tell if a woman is pregnant, sometimes before she is aware, just by looking at her. I am usually able to tell the gender, though I don't tell unless I'm asked.

I've guessed a few hundred babies and haven't been wrong yet. Strangers tend to get upset sometimes when I ask when their baby is due, especially if they're with someone they haven't told yet. I've learned to bite my tongue on that one. 

I'd like to be able to tell parents exactly when the baby will be born, but that's one thing that is supposed to be a surprise. I can tell by looking at a woman if her labor is going to start within the next week, but that's just knowing what to look for. If I were to do this online, I guess a photo would be a huge help. I can read by sending out feelers, too.

Psychic Pregnancy Testing Self? - by Angela

I'm able to do the same thing, I can tell if a woman is pregnant and what the baby is just by being around her (and I used to think it was just weird). I was only wrong once when I simply told my aunt what she wanted to hear. However, would you be able to tell on yourself? I'm wondering about that, but I'm not sure if it would be possible.

I Can Tell If Someone Will Become Pregnant By Aura - by Anonymous

I am able to do a psychic pregnancy test in much the same way as I would read an aura. Sometimes, I am able to determine an approximate date range for the children to be born or conceived. I can tell gender, but if more than one child is to be had and they are not the same gender, I can't always tell if a boy will come first, or a girl. 

My Accurate Pregnancy Dreams - by Susan (Norwich,England)

It started 7 years ago when I had a dream my sister in law was pregnant, which wasn’t very likely as she had split from her husband six months previously. She had a new boyfriend but it was nothing serious. I told my partner my dream and said "she's pregnant." The next day she rang to tell us she was pregnant!!! Spooked me right out!! 

The next dreamed psychic pregnancy test was a few months later, in the dream my best friend from school who I hadn't seen for about 2 years walked up to me in a marketplace with a baby boy in a buggy, she said "this is my son" then walked away. One week later she me a text telling me she was pregnant!! 

Since then I have dreamed of my sister, a couple of mums at the school my daughter goes to (I even knew what sex their babies were). It was just a dream here and there but this year I have so far had four dreams. They are getting so accurate I’m predicting people getting pregnant who I’ve never met, just heard about. 

Two people I dreamed about at the beginning of the year are indeed pregnant I’m just waiting for delivery day to see if I got the sex right. The last dream was about a work colleague I dreamed I went to his house to meet his new baby, I’ve never met his partner and don’t really know him that well we just work at the same place. In the dream I never met the baby as his partner was upstairs asleep with the baby, I told him about the dream and he said "I don’t think so" and laughed. Three days later his partner rang him at work to say she was pregnant!

I'm thinking I should start providing psychic pregnancy tests and work in my sleep :-)

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