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by Richi Who

Photo of the actual beach

Photo of the actual beach

This is the psychic story of Nagari. Many years ago, whilst on retreat, I had the extreme good fortune to live in a house at a remote bay on an island off northern Australia.

It is known that a tribe of Aborigines once inhabited this island and some of their ceremonious sites have been discovered, in particular the men’s sacred places.

Over a period of many months I had thoroughly explored the area, and was familiar and at home there - with one exception. In the evenings if I walked to one end of the beach of the bay I would be overtaken by an overwhelming feeling of despair as I approached. For quite some time I avoided that particular area on my evening walks, but I observed it from the balcony of the house regularly.

On occasions at night, I would see a light flitting amongst the rocks just back from the beach. If I went to investigate, the feeling of despair or dread would increase as I approached.

Eventually it became clear that the feelings were not mine, but were coming from the rocks at the end of the bay, so one night I approached the rocks, sat down and meditated on the presence emanating from the area. There was the unmistakable feeling of an entity there, so I called to the entity and asked them not to be afraid as I was aware of their presence and wished to help.

Gradually the sense of fear diminished somewhat, so I bid the entity farewell and withdrew. I repeated the process for three more nights - being able to approach closer and closer each night. On the fourth night, the entity revealed herself to me and this is her story as I perceived it to be.

It is with the greatest respect for the Wulgurukaba people that I relate this psychic story.

Long ago, before European settlement of Australia, when Australian natives inhabited the islands off the Australian Coast, the women of the Wulgurukaba people had their own special spiritual site for their ceremonies. Today, these ceremonies would be referred to as Secret Women’s Business.

The site was located in a sheltered bay and it was here that a young Aboriginal girl named Ngari was preparing herself for the women’s ceremony to mark her passing into the sisters of womanhood. It was to be her rite of passage.

All the girls of her age and the women of the tribe were gathered by the shore of the bay where these secret women’s ceremonies were held. The girls were told they must hide themselves amongst the rocks at the end of the bay and wait until they were called, which they did.

One by one each of the girls were called and emerged from their hiding place to be inducted as women of the tribe. Finally, at last only Ngari remained hidden amongst the rocks. Before Ngari could be called, a huge wave was seen approaching the shore, and the women screamed and ran for high ground.

However, Ngari, faithful to her instruction, remained crouched amongst the rocks. The waters rushed in, dashed her against the rocks and swept her lifeless body out into the bay.

Until she is called to join the women of her tribe, the spirit of Ngari has remained, hiding amongst the rocks at the end of the bay, where she has waited and waited ....

On my psychic groups' next full moon gathering on the beach, I told this psychic story.

So we gathered in a circle and sent love and light to the entity of Ngari and asked the guides and spirits which were present to show her the way to the light so she could be with her people.

The following night when I went for my evening stroll on the beach, I approached the rocks at the end of the bay to find nothing but the peace and serenity of the surrounding nature.

Our psychic story had a happy ending!

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