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The majority of the general population believes that psychic abilities exist, and yet less than one percent of mainstream academic institutions have any faculty known for their interest in these frequently reported experiences. This is because of scientific taboo.

Dean Radin, a leading scientific researcher of exceptional human capacities, principally psychic phenomena, presents to some of the world's brightest minds, scientific studies revealing empirical evidence of psi.

Here's a one and half hour fascinating video. Dean Radin on Psychic Phenomenon

Good Lord! - Drayson does not need the psychic type of test. The British Government's science minister, Lord Drayson says 'good instinct' helps him to predict the future – his interview with The Sunday Times raised a few eyebrows and stiff upper lips! Lord Drayson said he was one of the humans with a 'capability' (a 'sixth sense' to predict the future) that experts did not fully understand. Read the UK Daily Mail story about the Psychic Lord

There could now be proof to the theory that we're ALL psychic according to a recent test of psychic ability reported in Britain's Daily Mail. Dr Roe, a parapsychologist based at the University of Northampton, is investigating the possibilities to project your "mind's eye" to a distant location and observe what is going on - even if that place is hundreds of miles away. "Our results are significant," says Dr Roe.

Another paranormal test by scientists at Manchester University (UK) involves a life size virtual reality game. One hundred people, taking part in a new twist of the Zenner cards psychic test, wear a 3D helmet and electronic glove as they travel through a virtual world.

While inside this 3D world, this experiment involves a ‘sender’ telepathically communicating thoughts of items found during the game. They take turns to navigate their way through electronically-generated rooms containing a variety of objects including a telephone, football and umbrella. The research partner is also connected within the 3D virtual environment.

Results of this psychic experiment are expected to be published in a scientific paper soon. An article in more detail has been published by the Manchester Evening News called Computer Game Tests for Telepathy.

The LifeLeap Institute designed a free test to explore the potential of psychic perception that everyone possesses. Called the Psychic Project, it is a reliable, confidential, and easy to use free psychic test.

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Try this psychic test is based on the Zenner cards.

Since the shape is not selected until after you have made your choice, this is a psychic test to experiment with your ability to predict future events.

ESP Test

The accuracy of the result increases with the number of guesses that you make. The significance level is determined by a formula that was used with the Zenner tests.

Less then 1.96 indicates no psychic ability.

1.96 to 2.58 indicates some psychic ability.

2.58 to 3.00 indicates significant psychic ability.

Greater then 3.00 indicates very signficant psychic ability.

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Number Guesses:

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psychic test

The first tests using the ESP symbols of these five Zenner cards were conducted in the 1930s by Joseph Banks Rhine at Duke University in the USA.

Just as in the computer version above the original experiments called for subjects to guess the order of the symbols as they were randomly selected. Pure chance is measured as 1 in 5 correct calls. Known as the Father of Modern Parapsychology Dr J B Rhine, along with his wife Dr L E Rhine coined the term "extrasensory perception" (ESP) to describe the apparent ability of some people to acquire information without the use of the known (five) senses. He also adopted the term "parapsychology" to distinguish his interests from mainstream psychology.

Some more very good ESP tests are to be found on the The Parapsychological Association's web site. The Parapsychological Association

Blending scientific research with Internet technology, IONS' Senior Scientist Dean Radin has developed online games that test your psychic abilities. By participating in these games, you can help provide data that is used in their research on consciousness.

James Twyman's psychic test results are here - Proof The Movie.

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