Psychic Vision Katrina


1.)Months before Katrina happened I had a dream in which I was looking at a map and the state of Texas and Louisiana was flooded. I dreamt my sister's mother and I were stuck in an high rise apartment. I live in Texas. Every time there has been some significant event I wake up and feel like something is really wrong and put on the TV to CNN. This just happened again with the earthquake in china. I felt weird that morning. Got to work and heard about the earthquake.

2.) The night before my uncle died I had a dream that my father passed away and I had to wear my military uniform the funeral. The next day my dad's brother passed away and I didn't have a suit so I had to wear my uniform.

3.) My lover's mother was dying. 2 days before she passed I had a dream of her drowning in this red colored liquid. She eventually died when her kidneys shut down.

4.) The night before my cousin whom I haven seen in over 10 years died. I woke up an there was a man in a navy blue suit standing by my bedroom dresser. I screamed and my lover freaked out. The next day my cousin died from a gunshot and running his car into a convenience store. They buried him in a blue suit.

5.) Going to work one day I had this awful feeling of foreboding and felt somebody in purple was going to lose a loved one. I got to work my coworker in the purple skirt lost her brother in a wreck.

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