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Psychic Visions

by Jewell Strong
(Orlando FL)

Psychic Vision

Psychic Vision

I am not a psychic but I do have visions. They come to me in dreams. I call it a gift from God. I have dreamed of a rape, of my son's jaw being broken, a murder just waiting to happen, and more but I won't go into details.

The lord shows me things in my dreams it can be from saving the life of someone to a boyfriend that I don't need. It used to scare me to death that I could see things before they would happen and I had no control over.

You all may think this is not true and some people don't believe in psychic abilities or that they can even read you over the phone, but I have news for them.

I used to buy the Enquirer and the globe paper. I found this lady in it, she lives in Dallas Texas. I used to talk to her often and she told me once that I would meet a man that is hard to get rid of. I believe that man was my husband. And then one night this woman came to me in my dreams and when I talked to her I mention it to her, in the dream I knew her because of her voice. I described the woman that appeared in my dreams and she told me that's how she looks. She came to me as a warning. As sure as I am sitting here it could have been to close to murder. That was a long time ago I wish I could find her know. We used to communicate through the mail that's before home computers, and she did not cost much. She also so told me that I would be a widow in the near future.

The bad makes it bad for the good people.

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The Vision

by Taryn

Once I was sleeping over at my house and when I went to bed I had this dream someone or something was talking to me saying I have a special gift. I told it I didn't know what it meant but before I could argue with it this big light flashed and I think I was having a vision but I didn't know for sure. All I remember was that I was outside playing kick ball with my friend. We kicked it behind the house and when I went to get it this lady appeared, wearing a big pink hat and a blue coat. She was across the street walking her wiener dog while talking on the phone. She was talking to someone about her mean boyfriend who had left her.

When I got up that morning my friend asked me if i wanted to play kick ball. I got worried but I said yes, and when I got outside my friend kicked the ball behind my house. Then she told me to go get it and when I went behind my house I saw that same lady wearing the same hat and coat walking the same wiener dog and talking on the phone about her mean boyfriend for leaving her.

I thought it was a coincidence but then this light shot across my forehead and I had a vision of that lady's wiener dog getting off it's leash and running away with lady running after it. When my vision was over I witnessed, right there, the lady's dog got off it leash and ran away and the lady ran after it.

It was right then and there I knew I was psychic

PS. That was a true story!

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Following A Man in a Vision

by Sinlou Ingraffia

I started seeing and hearing spirits at very young age, and have many stories of events, but this one I always found myself and awe with.

For many years I would see the same man that would come to me dressed in black suit, not a young man, maybe late forties. But each time I would see him he would show me a house. Now in dreams I know house is yourself, but these houses was different.

Each house he has ever shown me I would find myself living in. I have seen eight houses, and I still have one left that I have not yet found and lived in. The house where I am now I remember the women pulling up in driveway and I am thinking oh lord I know this house!! I knew each part of house everything I had seen already as the other homes I lived in. This time I even knew the spirits before moving in. I saw those too in the vision. And I knew about the land that my house was on and what it used to be.

I always wonder if anyone else has experienced this.

Sinalou is available on www.truepsychicsonline.com

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by Amanda
(The Colony, Texas, US)

Sometimes I see things. People I've never met, things that haven't happened yet.

Car crashes, deaths, even minor things like people I just bump into. People I've never met or seen, but I have a vision about them, then it happens. Maybe a week from then or a day or even a year.

I had a vision 5 years ago and I saw a casket, so when I came to, I drew it. A year ago my grandfather died, and the casket I drew 5 years ago was the one my grandmother picked out. No one has seen that drawing but me.

It seems like I'll be staring off into space, but I'm seeing something. I just don't know whats going on. I see these things, but no matter how I try to change it, I can't. I draw what I see, before they happen. I don't know why this is happening.

Am I going crazy? What is wrong with me?

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Unnerving Visions

by Lacey1008

I lived in a flat that felt unnerving to say the least! One night as I lay in my bed, a tremble occurred through my body, I turned my head and my mind made illustrated a young boy curled in the corner, head between his legs crying, just crying!

I blinked my eyes there was nothing there! Every night after my unnerving experience the vision my mind had showed me replayed until the day I left! I have never thought of this experience, unless I tell my story!

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Unnerving Visions

by Sandy

I am looking for advice. I am a very average person - I don’t drink, do drugs, nor do I dabble in the occult. Quite frankly it unnerves me but I don’t know where else to turn. Now down to business.

For months now I have been have been having visions during twilight sleep. Visions of things such as the chalice, visions of the Ark of the Covenant, the birth of Christ and the antichrist, and a cataclysmic end to this planet.

The most bizarre thing was hearing a man shouting angrily in a language I didn’t understand, to the point it woke me up and trailed off as I awoke.

And there was the dream of my pillow screaming “fire" and two months later my house burned up!

There is really too much to mention here but I feel like this stuff is really weird and I would like to know if anyone else has had such stuff happen to them.

Please no sarcasm needed.

Thanks, Sandy.

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May 04, 2013
Our Psychic Experience
by: Anonymous

My sister,niece and 2 Daughters had been together at my home to watch a film together. The film had just finished and we were sat talking when a dark shadow came across the room past me and My sister into the corner behind us making us duck to avoid it hitting us. On turning to look in the corner where it had gone there was nothing there but our pet dog day looking up in the corner.

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My First Psychic Vision

by Alicia Marie Secor
(Sparta Wisconsin USA)

One day my dad asked me to walk to the store to buy crackers for supper. Skipping all the boring details I was just about home and I was about 9 feet into the driveway (it’s dirt and kind of long) there are a lot of trees in the yard and I stopped near one and all the sudden I felt kind of numb and I just blacked out.

Then I began to see myself and my surroundings as if I was another person looking at me from a different view. I saw myself start walking then a few seconds later my dad popped out from behind a tree and scared me then I snapped back to reality, I thought it had been one of those times where you imagine something like when you’re all paranoid, anyway about 5 seconds later it happened. I knew I didn’t imagine it because it just felt different and I knew it was.

That’s when I knew I was psychic and now I’m trying to advance my visions but so far that was my only one. I haven’t had one since then which was about a year ago.

I thank the gods for giving me this gift.

Alicia Secor :)

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Apr 26, 2012
by: ashley

my ex boyfriend did something with a candle over a letter i wrote him and he made it where one of us would see if we were meant for eachother and one day i was layin in bed bout to go to sleep and i started to see a wedding with me and him and there was like this lady showing me and i saw flashes of me and him laughing together but i also saw like this angel and devil figure does anyone know what that means cause now me and him are broken up

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