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Psychic Visions With Anorthosite

by Russell Michael
(Mojave California)

My Physic Experience By Russell Michael

My Physic Experience By Russell Michael

The other day while mixing a batch of Mojave Man Cologne, a friend stopped by our research facility in The Mojave Desert. My friend ask what it was that I was doing., I told him, we sat down, Knowing I am sculptor by trade, he presented me with a challenge to make him a piece of jewellery out of a rock he found in the Mojave Desert.

The rock was a greenish, white, rock that needed polished. I said I would look at it, When I took the rock in my hand, I felt a sudden sense of warmth. I thought the warmth from the rock was a actually from his hand that had been holding the rock, then I had a quick flash I saw a man setting in a chair in a country home that one you would find in the mountains of west Virginia, or a place like it. The sitting man reading a bible also had prayer beads in his hand. On a mantel beside him was a picture of a woman, about his age, a rosary draped over the picture, never having seen Ether of these people I ask my friend if he had parents. My Friend informed me his father had just past and that his mother was living in their home in the Allegany mountains of West Virginia. I then ask my friend what his father looked like, he explained his father’s looks in detail, and it was the man, I saw, in the vision. I then ask my friend, if his mother was in good health, he assured me she was, so I dropped the subject. I explained that the rock he handed me looked like Anorthosite, that I would see what I could do with it. I turned to set the rock on the table, as I sat the rock down the vision appeared again, this time focus sing, mostly on the picture. I ask my friend what his Mother looked like, he explained and it matched my second vision. Troubled by the visions I told my Friend to check on his mother when he gets a chance. My Friend assured me he would. My Friend called me the next day to tell me his Mother was hospitalized, with a severe stroke, and he was going to see her.

My friend called me again a short time later, from the airport, to tell me His Mother had died, That he wanted to know exactly what I had seen, I told him then wished him a save journey home. I had a stroke just about a year ago; I have had strange things happen since then, especially when I encounter earth related objects, like rocks and Plants!

Read the full story of how I was first exposed to Anorthosite and how it may be leading me to this physic journey at www.Mojavemancologne.com/physicjourney.html

Economic value of Anorthosite.

The primary economic value of Anorthosite bodies is the titanium-bearing oxide Ilmenite. However, some Proterozoic Anorthosite bodies have large amounts of Labradorite, which is quarried for its value as both a gemstone and a building material. Archean Anorthosites, because they are calcium-rich, have large amounts of aluminium substituting for silicon; a few of these bodies are mined as ores of aluminium, and is important in investigations of Mars, Venus, and meteorites. Anorthosite was prominently represented in rock samples brought back from the Moon.

Believing I may be Crazier than a shit house rat, I went out knowing the stone Anorthosite from my earlier life experience with it. I collected several stones and brought them back to my studios where I broke them into pieces and offered them to a few friends that I have only a working relationship with, and that I have no knowledge of their past or their families. I ask these Friends to hold the rocks for a few minutes each and then hand the rocks to me. I did this one by one; spacing the time about a half hour apart. I then had the friends stand close to me while I held the stones. After a few minutes for some reason 2 out of the three friends that handed me the Rocks. I was able to tell what their parents looked like and whether they were in good health and what types of homes they lived in. That was about it not much else but I feel this is the start of something perhaps a precursor from my strokes, or a hidden ability I never taped into, but something.

My Previous experience with Anortosite.

Historically, mistakenly thought to be a passion Rock by the Mojave Indians, turns out to be a rock with a lunar history NASSA Explains the evolution of earth through the molten deposits of Anorthosite on earth. “The Spirit Rock” as it has become known or the moon rock with heat adsorbing qualities. Holds much more than just heat.

Anorthosite, “The Spirit Rock”, with multiple qualities, long thought, to evoke, physic visions in some. The vision first experienced by Mojave Indian has been, recorded in their history.

Anorthosite always warm to the touch was thought to provoke lust in warriors of the Mojave Indians. This warmth of touch earned the rock the nickname “Passion Rock”. Anorthosite has become much more investigated today, by NASA, searching, it origins. We find out it has a celestial heritage, that it is associated with the molten evolution of the moon. NASA has also found Anothosite, has a deep history with the connection of platinum gold, once used by the FBI to find Patty Hurst, due to its remote location on earth coupled with the fact it’s found on the Moon, in a vain in Africa and in continues vain in California, Leading North ward to Canada.

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