Queen of Hearts a Golden Retriever

by Joan
(Rockland, MA)

Queen of Hearts From The Key to the Kingdom Deck

Queen of Hearts From The Key to the Kingdom Deck

My female Golden Retriever of 12 years was euthanized last week. I called her my Queen of Hearts.

I picked her from a litter on first sight. She was not the one a friend of mine asked me to adopt. She was a little shy one that looked me in the eyes and I knew. I purchased a male three months later.

She has had many surgeries during her life. Never cried, stoic and never showed pain. But I knew. She was on pain medication since hip surgery as a pup. Well early in May her labs were off a bit. Ultrasound was performed and a tumor of spleen was found as well as noted she has been living with one very scarred kidney. I knew that surgery was not an option. I did have insurance for her, but knew this would be too much. She was given one to three days to live. The most was a month. She did need assistance getting up. A special diet I cooked daily for her and she ate. Well three days before she passed, I could not sleep. I heard noises, voices and it was like I lived in a very haunted house.

I noticed her favorite place now was in the kitchen just staring out my glass doors. To groom her I sensed any where I touched except her head I felt her pain. I knew it was time. Last Wednesday I held her tight, her head cradles in my arms. Her face was drenched with my tears flowing on her head. My male Golden of 12 years then fled and tried to hide in the corner of my bed. I saw no life in his eyes. He knew too.

That night I remembered my dream it was so colorful and bright. My Queen of Hearts was in a field. Some of the grass was tall and hay-like in color. She was middle aged, but romped through with her tail wagging the whole time. I thought nothing of it for what I was going through mourning her loss. Until the next evening I looked out into the yard and beside a two seated chair, I saw her sitting just looking in at me. I said no words as not to make her disappear. She just stared. I said to her, I miss you so; a piece of my heart will never mend. A thought came to me immediately, of my 12 year old Golden. She was the alpha dog and I then shivered. I said, baby girl please wait a bit. Give him some time with me, and when it is time for him to go I will let him go. She disappeared right before my eyes.

She has not visited since. So of course many told of this story thinks I did not see. So I said out loud before bed one night, baby girl, give me a sign. Mysteriously my hand beaters went missing. For years they have been put in the same place. We tore the dishwasher apart, drawers and could not be found. So I thought they were really lost. I said if that was you find my beaters. Well early the next morning, my husband emptied a newly run dishwasher run. He said oh you found the beaters. He said he looked before the dishwasher was filled as I did too. I answered no. I told him of my story. He just went quiet. I reassured him no I am not talking of any ghost this time or any entity. I said she was a pure canine in heart and soul and if it was it was a visit I saw. For there has been many paranormal activities over the years that has happened and later I will tell. But this incident was different it was calm and quiet and peaceful. It was much different than any other encounters of ours and the family has ever had. I knew then that are beloved pets do go to another plane, but never would disturb or haunt us in any way.

I have many other stories to tell of encounters and even voices on tape. I do believe though some are sensitive to hear and see these. All of my children have many a story to tell; some of their children also. I did think it was usually females, but one related to me is a very young boy, and he never knew what a ghost was. Until he told his parents my room has ghosts and shadows in it at night.
I have had so many paranormal events in my life that has happened. It is not only me by others in my family also. I will be in touch and will tell a few the next time I come to this site. It is where do I start. I think it will be when I taped to see if I snored at night not knowing why I was so tired in the morning. So not even knowing I snored, when I played back the tape, boy did I get a surprise.

Bless all and peace to all


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