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Random Paranormality

by Kara
(New York, United States)

I guess it started when my great grandmother died, and ever since then I have dreams the night before people die or about things that happen in the next few days. In once instance when my aunt's dog died (My family had raised the dog, so I had gotten close to it). My aunt is a cop, so she works night shifts, and the dog died in it's sleep. That night no one knew yet, and I had a dream I was walking through a white castle, I felt something following me and when I turned around, the dog was standing there looking up at me. I started walking into a dark tunnel with a bright light at the end, after a couple seconds of plain white, I was standing in the entrance of my living room, and the dog was sitting there in a tan chair in the middle staring at me.

I was a little shook up, but I kind of ignored it, but told my sister about it. Around five or six in the afternoon, I got a horrible feeling of anxiety and heard the phone ring, my sister seemed bothered as well because we both looked at each other and when we picked up the phone, it was my aunt calling to say her dog had died in its sleep in the tan chair they had upstairs.

Another thing would be I think of something and get it, not like spoiled child or something so plain. A time I easily remember is a time I was riding the bus and thought, "I haven't had ice cream in a while," and then I had ice cream at dinner and lunch the next day.

Another would be, "I should get some books to finish a few of my series," yea, not to shifty going to a store to get books. But I really wasn't planning on going anywhere, actually I was going to stay where I was, but my mother kept insisting I go, then asked several times if I wanted to look at books. Which we really never do to be honest, I just order them.

Last week, I was on a final test that was a 5th of the entire grade, and I had just finished a problem and used my calculator. Something in head seemed to think the calculator was in radians not degrees, and I thought that would just be luck, but ignored it. Not two seconds later did the teacher come over and fix my calculator, because it had actually been in radians.

On to the angel / god things, shall we? I really felt dead a couple weeks back and have since may 7 or around there, and I felt my body was shutting down on me. I did what I usually never think of doing, I started praying. It didn't bother me if I died, I just didn't was to leave my family and friends alone, or be sad for that matter. I asked to help me or give me powers, strength, anything to help. Then later that night when I finally fell asleep (I have issues doing so, I tend to see things that easily scare me, I'm rather a nervous person hehe ) I had an odd dream I saved my family from guys in black military gear, and the last thing I remember is someone saying, "If you want it, go get it."

Lately I've also been having dreams only about shape-shifting, which confuses me.

Everything I seem to wear and do and compared to is the color blue, if that makes any sense at all.

Sometimes I have visions on things while still conscious before they happen, once I was going to bed and looking at the closet door in my room( I sleep on my side) and I saw a giant shadow spider crawl across it. I jumped up and panicked, but it wasn't there, then I turned to go back to bed and right about where I was sleeping was a massive black spider that had plagued me for the last week.

And also, as I previously stated, I see things, yeah that happens a lot, and I feel things, not physically, but I... It's hard to explain, I can just feel them in my mind. Like when I walk into a certain location and I get horrible anxiety and want to immediately run the other way. That and lately I've been seeing energy moving through the air... everywhere basically, it's very hard to explain what I see, I just hope my descriptions clear enough.

I really don't know how most of this started, as I stated most of it started after my great-grand mother died, we weren't really close, but you know, family and all.I'm really only 14, so it's kind of hard to find someone to talk to about my random paranormality ...

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Oct 06, 2012
by: Anna

For me the most powerful premonitions and visions come in my dreams or what I would call lucid dreams. That is also when the spirits come and talk to me the most.I have been fortunate to have a mother who understood these things and always encouraged sharing these experiences. annapsychicreadings.com

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