Religious Spiritual Guides

by Psychic Valerie Perez

I want to explain a little about a spiritual enlightenment of mine. I see so many in search of their own religious belief. One that feels right for them. Sometimes people are just confused about their own beliefs. On my 14 year journey as a psychic reader, I have spoken with people from different religious beliefs and cultures. This includes Christians from USA, Muslims from Middle East and Bangladesh, Hindus from India etc.

In meditation I came to a realization that most people believe in a God. Most or all believe that only their God came through one Prophet at one time or another to reveal God’s Messages. In other words this is how God communicated through a Messenger. Even Muslims agree that God spoke through Mohammad and Angels to reach his people. My point is this. God needs a vehicle, a mediator between his Self and US. This also made me see that God is Power and God is the ultimate Mind.

Why can't everyone be right? Every religion is right in its own way. Not to minimize, religion but I want to make the following analogy.

Think of it this way, everyone has to eat, right? But everyone eats differently. Some people like spices and some don't. When a meal is prepared, many different ingredients go into the food to get the finished product. Still it goes to the same place, our bodies, to nourish us and to help us grow.

So, why can't religion be like that? Lots of wonderful prophets and guides on earth (Even Good Psychics and Mediums) and in heaven are here to take us the same God.

So, my motto is.... "There are many paths to God, what matters is the goodness of your soul."

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