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Repelling Bullies

by Jack

I am 13 and have always wanted to have super powers! I still do. I haven't given up on trying to make energy balls and fire balls come out of my hands, but it hasn't worked yet. Then I read an article online about telepathy and telekinesis. I was so interested and then it struck me, if I can learn how to do this and spend a bit of my day, everyday for a year or so, I could get really good at it.

I haven’t done it yet because I am only starting this week. I have almost made a psi ball, and am trying to bend a paperclip. I have had dreams of the future and they have all come true so far. They usually come true within 4 weeks.

I figured I should start with all the small stuff and build up. I have also learned that music affects our mood and how we feel. I have listened to different music and found that soft classical rock has helped me calm down and concentrate. I am extremely interested in this topic and I am going to follow through with it and read some books and articles, they give great info on how to concentrate your mind and have some good activities.

Also when i was about 12 I think I controlled someone’s mind for a minute because I said “get lost tosome bully” and he walked off straight away. I think that the weak minded may be the best targets for practice and controlled anger will help.

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