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Romance Psychic Andrew

by Cindy Belfiore
(Dallas Tx)

I had a reading from the absolute best psycic ever. I use for mt readings and after about a year of using other psychic I came across Andrew.

The style he uses, the amazing predictions he gives you, the mans point of view and just about every other part of andrew's romance readings are amazing.

Make sure to ask him about his "Spiritual Focus" teachings. He showed me how to get my boyfriend john back to me and it worked. He helps me know keep my relationship on track and make it better.

If you need a psychic reading about your relationship or romance or marrriage or anything else then call andrew, psychic andrew.

They really do call him The Romance Psychic and it's true he knows all about your situation without saying a word. He is amazing 5 stars to this wonderful man.

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PsychicAndrew Romance Readings

by Brenda
(South Carolina)

I saw pages and pages of him on google and I read many with both curiosity and fear. I have had many psychic readings from many different psychics and so many of them just , well for a lack of better words not really psychic readings. Just the same old generalized comments. So I decided to try psychicandrew.
He goes by the nickname "The Romance Psychic" and he reads through keen. His page is

I’m giving his page because he absolutely blew me away. Not only were his predictions dead on and it didn’t take me but a name and a few words until he was picking my boyfriend Ernesto up perfectly, but after the reading he gave me some advice that floored me. he is very honest, and didn’t pull punches, he told me Ernesto problems and he was right, but he also showed me how to change things. I used this vibration focusing he has developed, I’m not sure what its called I apologize, but OMG this really worked.

Within weeks my guy, who was always pulling away, not calling me, had no intention of getting into something committed just changed his tune. It was my thinking about him in the way Andrew described that made this happen. I will never ever use another psychic again. If you have issues with your man stop right now and click on the link I put above.

Just read his reviews and you’ll see what I mean. He is great. He is not just my Psychic but my coach, my guide and my friend. Google PsychicAndrew all one word or The Romance Psychic if you want to see all the postings and interviews he has done. He is amazing, doesn’t charge much, sends follow-up emails for free and you can email him anytime once you’re a client even with questions and he doesn’t charge a thing. He really is there to help people and I think it’s great. I hope everyone finds this man; his male point of view comes into play as well. I just can’t say enough about this pure, Psychic, 5 Stars, 4th generation, but what makes him special is that he really cares about you. You can feel it. He is so accurate it was just mind blowing you must try him out you must.

I just had to let everyone know, Brenda soon to be Mrs. Ernesto Cruz

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The Romance Psychic

by Robert Brown
(San Fran)

I was looking around the web and found the most amazing psychic who specializes in psychic romance readings. He is amazing, he teaches a technique called "Spiritual Focus" that helps you get your guy back and at the same time unlocks your own psychic powers. He is amazing. He runs a site called and he reads on as psychicandrew I never believed that he could not only predict the future but tell me how to change it and it works.

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