Santa Claus is Real: a Metaphysical Perspective

by Rev. Brian L. Sharp
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

The Spirit of Santa Claus | Psychic Medium Brian Sharp | Angelic Visions LLC

The Spirit of Santa Claus | Psychic Medium Brian Sharp | Angelic Visions LLC

I remember as a child, eagerly jumping out of bed at 6:00 in the morning to rush downstairs to marvel at the beautiful surprises left by the elusive St. Nick, for whom I had only the night before left a small plate of freshly-baked cookies and a glass of milk. Young children do not question the veracity of miracles but instead accept them with blind faith and complete trust. On the physical plane we are taught to "question everything", and children also begin to do so. We learn to no longer accept anything without questioning it, and on the physical plane of existence this makes perfect sense. From a metaphysical perspective, though, this is counterintuitive: each of us exists as energy and ideas more so than a physical body. Our physical selves are temporary, but our energies--our personalities, ideas, feelings and symbols are what transcend space and time into the next world.

Last night I sat alone watching a children's Christmas movie on television, which I enjoyed immensely as a young boy--one, which filled me with a forgotten joy I have not known in many years. I again came face to face with an undeniable truth I had long neglected--the spirit, which is Santa Claus. Engrossed in the movie I almost felt as though I could feel the cold rush of winter winds gently blowing throughout the room, faintly heard the jingle of a small holiday bell and the "klop, klop" of heavy boots walking the floor. Something compelled me to mix up a warm cup of cocoa and to snuggle up with a blanket as I allowed the energy to consume me with a familiar comfort I have not known in many years.

The legend of Santa Claus pervades numerous countries, cultures and time periods, filling the hearts of innocent children with amazement and wonder each December. It clearly shines on the faces of shopping mall Santas, who delight in sharing the spirit of love and giving with young ones, who eagerly make the pilgrimage to sit upon his lap and whisper their Christmas wishes into his ear. Santa's spirit dwells within the hearts of parents throughout the world, who work all year long to be able to afford the special feeling they experience when their young childrens eyes glow in astonishment on Christmas morning. Even the sidewalk Santas ringing their bells as they collect donations for the disadvantaged embrace this holiday spirit--this miraculous energy.

Is it possible to "channel" the spirit of Santa Claus? We do it each and everyday without even realizing it when we permit this Christmas energy to fill our heart centers--when we rejoice in the ability to give unto others and to share with our fellow man and woman. Keep this Clausian spirit with you each day of the year, and you will find that Christmas becomes even more special. I wish each of you a wondrous holiday season and many blessings within the New Year.

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