Was Jesus A Medium And Super Psychic Healer?

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Was Jesus a medium of psychic abilities? There are numerous accounts of miracles throughout the Bible, but for me I can think of no greater miracle than the Christ himself.

My views on Jesus have changed dramatically since my childhood, growing up in a Pentecostal household and hearing Sunday after Sunday how all the world's "sinners" were doomed to an eternity of personal anguish and torment. In fact, I think that we heard very little about God and more about the malicious forces of evil, which were apparently out to ensnare us at every turn.

Was Jesus a medium and healer?

Was Jesus A Medium?

What I am about to say is undoubtedly going to alienate some, but it needs to be stated, nonetheless: Jesus was one of the first spirit mediums and metaphysical healers. 

In order to gain a better understanding of what I mean by this we need to clarify what the term actually means. A medium is a psychic intuitive, who receives messages of healing, hope and love directly from the spirit realm (what many refer to as "heaven").

Jesus the medium regularly interacted with angels and taught compassion, love and acceptance. He prophesied future events - most notably in the book of Acts but also elsewhere in the New Testament. The Gospels are replete with instances of Reiki healing conducted both by Jesus and his disciples - curing a blind man, healing a severed ear, and even a man's complete resurrection - all for the glory of God. In the book of Acts the apostles are found sitting together in prayer when suddenly "tongues of fire" rested upon their heads.

Often when psychic mediums perceive information from the deceased or angels they will describe an intense tingling sensation on the tops of their heads. Were they physically seeing Jesus, or were they clairvoyantly perceiving him? Jesus incarnated to prove to all of us that we are aspects of God, just as he was. We all comprise this Christ Consciousness - our eternal, unbreakable connection with our Divine Source - the "I AM" presence. It should surprise few that Jesus suffered at the Crucifixion; the human race has a long and sordid history with persecuting those we do not understand.

I often receive unsolicited emails from well-meaning but misguided oppressors condemning me as a "sinner", who will burn in fiery torment if I do not change my "evil" ways - that is, if I do not stop teaching compassion, love and understanding; if I do not stop bringing hope and healing to the lives of the distraught; and if I do not stop helping to restore faith in God.

My faith in God and the Christ have only strengthened since I embarked upon a career as a medium, for I have seen many of the splendors of the life yet to come.

Was Jesus a medium and super psychic?

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Guest post by Brian Sharp.

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Brian Sharp is a teaching medium and psychic based in San Antonio, TX, USA

Brian began experiencing the spirit world when he was only a young child, awakening one night to find the spirit of a man at the end of his bed. As he grew older, he began having further contact with those in the spirit realm – at times hearing those on the Other Side, at times seeing them, and at still other times feeling and sensing their energies.

While Brian originally trained as a mental health counselor, he is now an accomplished psychic medium. Through his website "Brian The Medium" he continues to help others know with certainty that their loved ones never really leave them. Death just doesn't happen.

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