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Seeing it before it happened.

by Kim
(Melbourne, Florida, USA)

Ambulance 85

Ambulance 85

A little less than 3 years ago, my boyfriend at this time and I were driving down the road to go to dinner. We approached a red light and behind us was an ambulance, lights off, just driving like we were. On this ambulance the unit number was marked 85, which is the year I was born. I instantly got a eerie feeling. I then looked at my boyfriend and said to him “we are going to die." He asked me what I was talking about so I explained that I had just gotten a terrible feeling just from a number marked on an ambulance. He told me I was crazy. About 10 minutes later we were turning left to go into the parking lot of the restaurant and we were struck by another vehicle. Our vehicle flipped over on its side and I was trapped inside. No other than Unit number 85 arrived on the scene and informed me after they pulled me out, that if the driver of the other vehicle had struck us 5 inches to left of where he did, my head would have been crushed and I would have been dead.

For years now I have felt that I have some sort of psychic ability, but this story sticks out the most to me

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