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Seeing Lions In My Dream

by Aparup Banerjee
(Mumbai, India)

In my dreams I had observed two lions trying to climb a wall with the help of a pipe (outside the building) on a multi-storied building and a huge crowd seeing it from down. One of the lions is struggling to move up while the other is very comfortable on a platform in the multi-storeyed building. All of a sudden a crane hook comes and the lion which was struggling to move up caught hold of the crane hook but slipped down and fell on the ground with a huge thud sound while everyone in the crowd down beneath on the ground was awestruck. The second lion stood firm on the same platform on the top of the building and looking down on the crowd.

In the second portion of my dream I had seen a lioness walking around my room, came to the entrance door and stared at my eyes before walking out... After this dream I woke up and was just guessing what this dream meant, as I had never seen a lion or lioness so close to me in real life.... Please interpret this dream in a meaningful way, as I am very curious to know about it.

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Dec 18, 2012
Spirit guides!
by: Anonymous

It sounds, to me, that the first lion represents trials and tribulations, "it will be a very hard climb, you may slip at times, but you must endure" which brings me to the second lion. Endurance. Or he could simply represent the ones who just "sit back' while the others struggle.

Perhaps asking "which lion are you? Do you just stay in the predicament you are in? or do you step out ahead?" Which brings me to the Lioness. She seems to be asking you, "who are you? I see you and you see me, but perhaps you don't know who to follow, and is just waiting for you to decide."

Are you a climber? or do you just sit and wait? Times running short, as the lioness paces, eager, to see what you are going to do next. Hope this helps!

This is a very powerful dream, full of mysterious messages! It will be interesting to see the responses this page gets. Love peace and light to ya!

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