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Shorter Spooky Stories

by ZorbaZiv
(Sydney Australia)

Here’s a page where I can make a compilation of your shorter spooky stories. If you submit a psychic story that is less than a hundred words (too small to make a full page) on the main section I will move it here as a comment below. This will keep your submission within the Strange But True Psychic Stories.

For those more detailed and longer narratives please continue to use the main section within our psychic abilities paranormal research project.

So, if you have something short and sweet to include to the project add your own Short Spooky Stories below now.

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Spooky Experiences

by Patricia Gooderham
(Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada)

I used to work for people in the past and when it was time for them to pass on....this is what I have experienced...

For 5 days I would walk in the evening around town where I live and would stop and stand by a light post...well the light would go dim and then bright like a heart beat!

This would then stop after 5 days and then I said to myself someone has passed on and so again on the 5th day I would walk downtown and surely enough there was a name on the funeral home bill-board with the name of the person I used to work for.....!

Spooky or what?

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Attacked By Incubus

by Ashlie
(Dunedin, New Zealand)

I was in bed one night with my lamp on and I was in that state between awake and asleep. I became fully awake when I could feel that my blankets were being pulled down off me. I kind of hitched myself up on my elbows to see what was happening. I could not see anybody there. All of a sudden something tightly grabbed my leg below the knee & forcefully tried to drag me off the bed. I was in such terror that a scream wouldn't come. I yanked my leg back & then it was all over. The next day after trying to convince myself that it wasn't real I discovered fingerprint bruises on the leg that I had been grabbed by.

After several years of not knowing what attacked me I became friends with an empath and a medium who told me this was a demon called an incubus. It is a sexual demon that tries to have sex with its victims.

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My True Psychic Stories

by Ashleigh 13
(Sydney, NSW, Australia!)

At my old house, I kept having the same dream where I kept seeing ghosts at my front door, next night I had it and the next night, so the next night after that I had the dream and the ghost came in the door I ran in my room and ducked in a bean position hiding next to my bed, the ghost came and I got a mad weird feeling pain in my back.. I woke up with it as well eventually it went next night the ghost was nice and friendly! (I think I was communicating)


Also at my old house I was in bed one night. I woke up during midnight and sat up in my bed, looking around. I don't know why but I went to my closet (weird move) moved my arm around in the mid air feeling cold and warm spots, so I went back to bed and sat up and began looking around (I felt I was communicating in a way) I looked back checking everything, eventually I heard breathing coming from behind me so I turned my head to the side and saw out the side of my eyes a whitish grayish figure of a 20-30yr man in a suit and hat standing there. He was skinny. He was standing on the side standing at a wall. I looked back in shock and I couldn't believe what I saw.. So I wanted another look and as I look he had disappeared!..

AM I Psychic, communicating with evil or good? Or what? plz reply and comment!

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My Invisible Friend

by Kenneth

When I was little I had an imaginary friend. But, the truth is I don't think he was imaginary. Now, I do remember a few things about me being really little. But, I can't remember a single thing about him, except that when I was about three I kept calling him and calling him. I guess he made me feel safe.

But anyway I'm named after my great granddaddy. He died a couple of months before I was born, I do believe. But anyway I believe that he was my imaginary friend because when I was about five or so, I've been told, I was at my Nana's house and she had a picture of him. I looked at my momma and said," Mommy who's that?" She replies, "That's your great granddaddy, he's who you're named after. He died before you were born though." Then I say," I know him, I used to play with him all the time."

I don't remember this. I was told this by my mother. It freaked me out when I heard it. But, things keep on happening to me since then, so it's not really weird anymore.

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Before Death

by Morgan
(Broomfield, Colorado)

About 3 years ago I awoke at about 3 o'clock in the middle of the night to the sound of a gunshot. I quickly hopped out of my bed and for some reason my door was open and I saw a large shadow dart into the hallway. I got up shut my door and went back to sleep. The next morning I had gotten a phone call from my aunt. My cousin had committed suicide at about 3 o'clock the night that I heard the gunshot. This was very strange for me since I was only 12 yrs old at the time.

And now at 15 I still can't explain it. I take on the emotions of other people and have seen things ever since that I can't explain. But in a way I see it as a gift and am not so scared of it anymore.

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I Saw Somewhere Else

by Nick

Ok right now I think I’m crazy but there’s a feeling in my gut .... about 15 mins ago I was sitting on my couch watching history channel and out of nowhere I saw somewhere else.... like a movie in my mind or something.

The fist was the sky in Las Vegas and fire then I saw free way signs 215 California and a beach ....and just felt death inside my body chest is still shaking really badly. I don’t know what to think .... Except that I might be going crazy that’s why I came on here to tell my story .....

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The Glass Negatives

by Leah
(O'Fallon , MO, USA)

My husband and father found these glass negatives of pictures taken in the late 1800's-early 1900's. I knew nothing about these, so I came home from a trip and found these boxes on our dining room table and started looking at them. They were really interesting and hard to make out the people at times. I was finally able to recognize my Gr. Gr. Aunt Goldie and her twin sister posing in identical dresses as they were twins yet not identical. They were posing in one picture by a plant stand identical to the one that was in the same room with me, “that stand I have is an antique from our family” anyway I put the negatives away went upstairs and while I was getting ready for bed, I suddenly got very freaked out, a bad sick feeling and I told my husband he had to get those negatives out of the house NOW! Once he put them out in his trunk my stomach calmed down-I felt better and that fear left me. What happened?

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by Ch

Before the big tsunamis in 2004, I was plagued with nightmares of me running as the sea rose. This year I dreamed of 2 tsunamis, one in daytime and one dark....

I also knew my father died before anyone contacted me, he came to visit me.

Plane crash in China, I felt death in my dream...I can't remember the year, but when I read the papers the next day, it was so strange.

I have seen spirits or ghosts. They are 3D and looks like us. They also have reflections on glass windows. But none of them talk, like in the movies.

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Seeing the Past

by James Goings
(San Jose, California, U.S.A.)

I have a counsellor at my school. When I was talking to him I looked into his eyes and all of a sudden I blacked out and I could see my counsellor as a little kid and his mom came in the room and she picked him up and played with him. Then his dad came in and I could feel something about him, he didn’t want to be there at all, but he felt obligated. Then in a flash I came out of the trance and I wrote down what I had seen.

I asked him what his childhood was like. While he was talking, everything I had seen he was talking about. Before he finished I showed him what I had written and, I saw a look of shock on his face. He just looked at me and said, “You need to become a psychic!"

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Spooky Barn Story

by Brooke

I have been a medium since I was a small girl, but this one experiences is one that I will never forget. I was in my boyfriend’s old barn. It had been looked at as very eerie and has always thought to have been haunted so I wanted to see for myself.

I walked upstairs in the barn to look around the open room which was the place everyone was scared of. In the corner there was a young girl, she was watching me. I tried to say something to her, but she screamed and the lights went out.

Then things began falling and breaking I went to try and leave but the door was locked. Luckily my boyfriend and a few friends were outside. When I finally got out the lights went back on, and I had a huge scratch from under my chin and across my chest. As hard as this may be to believe, there are multiple witnesses and we now avoid that barn as much as possible.

But every single night when we look outside, the upstairs light is on, and it never goes out.

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