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Sisterly Paranormal Experiences

by Jessica

My sister and I have always had paranormal experiences. Growing up, I would always have little day-dreams of something happening, and then it would. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but after it began happening more frequently, it really started to creep me out.

Another thing, we would spend summers in my uncle’s house and always hear voices or walking. My sister would always say the air felt fuzzy when we were kids, following usually right after she would say that we could feel the air get cold. We witnessed shadows in this house and once watched our bedroom doorknob being rattled. After my sister and I witnessed the door knob rattle, a weird face appeared on the back of the bathroom door. Scared to death, my sister and I showed my dad and uncle the back of the door. I'm pretty sure they were as creeped out as we were.

We have only lived in two houses that we considered haunted. In that time I witnessed a full body apparition. We would be sitting in the living room and watch as a cushion on the couch would sink in like someone was having a seat. Heard voices and footsteps so loud in sounded like whatever was walking around was in the room with us.

Just a general idea but stuff like this has been happening our whole life. We feel nuts and need some kind of advice or support in the idea that we are still sane. I do have to say around the same time my sister and I began to lose our faith. We were living 2000 miles apart at the time and had allowed ourselves to grow apart. Now that she moved back home we have become very close and recently discovered this, anyway since growing away from our faith we don't experience things much anymore. It's been two months since one of my day dreams and before that close to 3 months. I used to have one at least once a week. She doesn't really notice the air feel like it has a static charge anymore and rarely hears mysterious things. We don't know if they are related but either way we are frantic for some kind of help. If anyone has anything it would be appreciated.

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