Sky Summers

by Claire Thompson

I first heard about Sky from a friend of mine who had been lucky enough to get a free reading from Sky in her local paper. Sky Summers runs a Psychic Postbag Column in The East Kilbride News and The Rutherglen Reformer.

Sky came with such a high recommendation that I contacted the lady herself for a 1-1 private reading. She validated so many of my family in the spirit world and was so accurate in everything from my past and present situation that I then organised a party evening. Sky then came to my home and read for 6 of my family and friends...who were all equally impressed and amazed by her abilities.

I know she offers phone readings too, for those who stay at a distance, so I thought I should recommend her.


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The Real Deal
by: Alex

When it comes to getting a private reading, it doesn't get any better than this.
The sky's the limit, quite literally!

I've had readings from several of the big names out there, paid silly money for them too.

I got so more from Sky.

Go for it, your mind will be blown.

Phenomenal *****
by: Leona

Sky is phenomenal, a modern day mystic and seer. Her private readings are second to none! ***** Highly recommended!

by: Fiona.C.

The real deal, you will be blown away! *****

Above & Beyond Our Expectations
by: Naomi & Brian

We had a family group reading with Sky last year, 7 of us attended and everyone was left gobsmacked! My husband only attended because he thought it would be a laugh, oh the irony, he ended up in tears after his brother came through for an emotional reunion, (so to speak) this experience turned his attitude around 100%. Respect to this woman.

Spookily Accurate
by: Kate

A bit embarrassed to admit that I am a psychic where credit is due though, this woman is the best of the best. Honest and compassionate, I love Sky's style! I still get readings from lots of 'Psychics' but Sky has by far been the most accurate to date. This has always been a fascinating world for me to explore and if I was ever going to recommend a spiritualist or a psychic, I would definitely recommend Sky.

Simply The Best
by: Roslin

I've had readings from sky, they were absolutely astounding. Spot on with everything and her predictions about both my career and relationship came true. I have recommended her to my nearest and dearest as she is well known for her accuracy and compassionate style. Unlike all the wannabes and fraudsters, I can testify that sky is definitely 100% ethical and trustworthy! You don't have to take my word for it though, go see her for yourself.

By Far The Best In Her Field
by: Rebecca

Sky is a very gifted professional. I saw quite a few mediums over the years and none have ever even come close to sky's accuracy! Most of my friends have been to see her since I got my first reading and they all think she is amazing too. Don't know how she does what she does, but whatever she is doing works. This woman has helped me in so many ways. Go see her for yourself, I'm confident you wont be disappointed.

Brilliant Sky Summers
by: Mary

I have had readings from sky a couple of times and she is so amazing at what she does she is brilliant I would not go to anyone else.

Don't believe
by: Anonymous

I had a reading with sky last night she told me to watch my husbands health and not to feed him so much red meat due to heart and high blood pressure it would be very hard to do this as my husband died in 1990 so don't believe any more

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