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Spirit Talking In My Ear

by Jessica Gladwin
(Nottingham UK)

I was on a Psychic Development Weekend in Wales with my Husband and some Friends and I had sensed a Spirit child by the name of Emily with me all day. That evening we decided to do some table tapping and we had some remarkable results with questions answered with knocks and large blue flashes of light in the room, one actually lighting up the room behind me.

One of the energies that came forward responded to the name Emily and I believe that this child was the one that had been with me all day. I was reduced to tears for this child and felt very emotional, Emily said she wanted to see her Mummy and her Mummy was in spirit so we sent her to be reunited with her mum, which was very moving.

When we all went to our beds I lay there and could see a huge ball of light on the wall above my headboard, I tried moving the curtains to see if the light was coming in from outside as I could not account for it, but to no avail, so I tried to ignore it and go to sleep.
As I settled to sleep a women started to talk directly into my left ear, I could not hear what she was saying as it was a mumble which seemed to go on for quite a while.

I have never forgotten this experience and wondered if anyone has any advice on this?

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Feb 05, 2008
Your experience sounds very powerful
by: Elaine S.

How did you feel as result of the woman speaking into your left ear? If you were not frightened or made uncomfortable by that energy, perhaps attempting to contact her and ask directly who she is and wants she is trying to communicate would be appropriate.

If you are always protecting yourself before initiating contact with spirit and you feel no danger/discomfort etc. from the lady, perhaps you might consider asking her to communicate her message again in a manner that you can understand clearly.

I always protect myself before opening to spirit and avoid opening if my mood is not positive, loving and upbeat.

Blessings, Blessings

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