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Spirits Open Doors

by Penelope Ghias

My father died a few days ago and a strange thing happened, it was about 8:45 and I asked one of my sons,”who is that at the living room door?” He said “there’s no one there”. All the cats are in here so I said “there is someone at the door”. So he got up and opened the door for me to see and there was no one there.

Then at 9oclock the phone rang and it was one of my sister’s phoning to let me know that our father died at between 8:40 to 8:45. That’s when I saw someone at the door. Strange but this is true.

Then 2 days ago I was in the kitchen, (the kitchen door is very heavy and does not move even when I open the front door etc.) I had a towel lodged in it as well and there’s no way it could have opened. My cat sat on the chair in the kitchen, I was at the sink, and then the door handle went down and opened and it flew open with a real powerful force. I watched and there was no one there.

Later that day some of my family came round. We were all sitting in the kitchen as the other kitchen door (that leads to the utility room) opened all on its own! We all looked at each other with amazement as no one opened it and the door was shut fully.

Then last night my other daughter got woken up by an almighty bang. By the side of the bed lay a lump of wood which has been in the corner, on the other side of the room, for months.

This really shook her and my other children up. I told her it might be spirit letting us know they are around.

Regards Penelope Ghias

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Apr 02, 2012
Doors Opening Before Deaths
by: Anonymous

Why does my front door open before the death of someone me or my wife knows?

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