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Spiritual Revealings

by Michaele Dalin Goodson
(Ulmer,South Carolina)

Michaele Dalin Goodson

Michaele Dalin Goodson

Your passed loved ones want to be a part of your everyday life. I'm Michaele Goodson, I connect the living with their passed loved ones and in turn you can learn to incorporate them into your everyday life. Ask for green lights all the way to work, or ask for financial help, after being reconnected to our ancestors, they can give us their assistance.

When we are surrounded by negative people and negative spirits, we struggle to progress in our lives. Let me help you cleanse your home and personal space, so that you can feel joy and have energy again. Negativity is all around us, it's like the dirt in a carpet, some of it we see clearly, but most is so deep it has just become part of the rug. Cleansing should be something we do everyday, like bathing. I can show you what to do to achieve a lighter more peaceful life.

Are you hearing bumps in the night or are your things being moved, do feel drained, or maybe it's just a feeling of being watched, I can help. In the course of my life I have come across different temperaments in spirits, some are protective or harmless, but there is the ones that are bent on sharing misery. Most mediums do like to deal with the negative energies, but I can and have. If you think your home or your personal space has negative spirits, then I can help you remove them.

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Dec 06, 2016
Thank you
by: Ritarae Curry

When I first heard of Michaele Dalin Goodson it was through a friend at work-she wanted me to call her as soon as possible - she had a message for me from my niece who had gone missing.

She had useful information and even talked to the state troopers but to this day no justice has been resolved for my niece but we know who murdered her - just not enough evidence.

And the weirder part of this is Michaele lives in South Carolina and I live in New York.

Then I met personally with Michaele and had a reading-I was totally blown away and the pictures she took gave me some comfort knowing my daughter who passed away 2 years ago is always by my side.

I have had another psychic who is a close friend of mine look at the pictures and she was in awe. I have always believed in psychics but meeting with Michaele made me even more so.

Can't wait to meet up with Michaele again.

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